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PGL: the results of 2018

Posted Jan 18, 2019

We have already reviewed the results of 2018 for many major esports event organizers. Today, a company that was pretty much unknown few years ago managed to get into our rubric. As you may have guessed, we are talking about PGL, a tournament operator that managed to surprise the whole world a year earlier.

The above-mentioned organizer had a busy 2018. It held whopping 4 majors on Dota 2 with prize pools starting from one million dollars. At the same time, the organizer managed to present competitions in other disciplines. However, Valve's MOBA has become the main market of this TO.

In addition, PGL became somehow addicted to the “battle royale”. Twice, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds became the main championship for the organizer. Next to the Bluehole's creation, FIFA also won its place in the stack of operator’s games-of-choice.

EA's football simulator didn’t stand out much among other works of the company. However, it met the end of the year with a competition of this discipline. More specifically, we are talking about the PGL FIFA 19 Cup and FUT Champions Cup. The latter had a great chance to show a better result than the Champions Cup in Barcelona. But the November competition fell short of merely 5 thousand spectators from its small victory.

Let's note the fact that PGL has withdrawn from CS:GO. In 2017, Valve's shooter played a pretty important part in the organizer's life. However, in 2018 it never held a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event. Could it be that the company is preparing a next year's gift for the fans of the game?

China Dota2 Supermajor became the most “expensive” championship of the tournament operator. The championship with the highest DPC points received a prize fund of one and a half million US dollars. Also, it marked the completion of the 2017\18 Pro Circuit season.

If talking about popularity alone, the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 takes the lead in the list. Thanks to the Chinese audience (and the conditions being comfortable for it) the tournament was able to get as many as 19 million viewers. At the same time, gamers spent 527 million hours watching games.

Once excluding the Chinese audience, the title of the most viewed event will go to Supermajor. Among all the PGL projects, this championship was the most cherished by the western public. This is obvious, since the fate of many European and American teams was decided at the competition. As a result, this audience watched such an event with a great deal of interest.

The organizer didn't manage to reach such success with its other disciplines. Yes, PGL PUBG Spring Invitational 2018 was viewed by almost 12 million people at the peak. However, if we exclude Chinese broadcasts, this figure will drop to 40 thousand spectators. You must admit that such results can hardly be called positive, even when comparing to the other championships of the discipline.

Overall, the past year for PGL has passed largely in cooperation with Dota 2. The remaining disciplines did not receive such amount of attention from the organizer, but it is possible that in 2019 the situation will change, and we will once again see new tournaments based on new games.

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