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AoV International Championship: Problems incoming

AoV International Championship: Problems incoming

The recently concluded Arena of Valor International Championship 2019 has led to some interesting comparisons. Compared to the past season, the championship showed itself in an ambiguous way, losing to last year's event.

The Arena of Valor discipline has two major competitions. The national teams fight during the World Cup, while only specific teams compete at the AoV International Championship 2019. As a result, the discipline's season is tightly packed, while each of the tournaments has its own audience.

The Arena of Valor International Championship has turned out to be more popular in 2018. However, already this year the situation changed dramatically and the World Cup has shown much better performance, becoming the most popular championship of the game.

Still, the problems did not end there. As it can be understood from the comparison, this season's International Championship has big problems when it comes to the average viewers. This indicator has decreased by 36% compared to the result of 2018. On the other hand, we have the peak viewers increasing by slightly more than 13%.

As we've already mentioned, the Arena of Valor World Cup 2019 is the most popular event of the discipline. The championship shows the increase of all the key indicators. Compared to the AoV International Championship 2019, the respective differences 41% by peak viewers, 91% by the average viewers and 57% by the hours watched can be seen.

To a large extent, such a difference can be attributed to the Vietnamese broadcast. It lost 39% in terms of the peak viewers and more than 50% in average viewers since the Arena of Valor World Cup 2019. This is given that the same Vietnamese team (even with the same roster) was participating in the finals of both tournaments.

Perhaps the venue is to blame. After all, AoV World Cup 2019 was held in Vietnam. This means that the players were more interested in seeing how their representatives will stand their ground. Or perhaps, all of this has happened due to something else entirely.

Speaking about the winners, it is worth talking about the ranking of the most popular participants based on the average viewers. The first two spots went to the finalists. The top was taken by the guys from Team Flash, followed by Buriram United Esports. Closing the top 3 were HTVC IGP Gaming.

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