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Arena of Valor International Championship 2020: Last qualifiers

Arena of Valor International Championship 2020: Last qualifiers

The main Arena of Valor tournament is so close. Taiwan and Vietnam became the last International Championship 2020 qualifiers. Their results please and disappoint at the same time, so let’s find out what happened there. 

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Taiwanese Garena Challenger Series Summer qualifier was held from mid-August to November 8. Six teams fought for the championship spots, and there we’ll definitely see the top teams of this region - Flash Wolves and MAD Team.

The ultimate battle between Flash Wolves and MAD Team caused the biggest interest among viewers and concluded 44K fans at the broadcast peak. MAD and FW were almost on the same level by popularity. MAD Team received first place both at the tournament and in the heart of AoV lovers - 10,5K viewers on average.

The official Chinese YouTube channel of Garena is leading among all broadcasts - 39K Peak Viewers. Moreover, Garena Esports was #1 on Facebook with a result of 4,8K viewers.

Compared to other tournaments in the series, the situation is quite sad. Garena Challenger Series Summer has shown the worst results, and the Hours Watched compared to Summer 2019 decreased by 50%. The same thing with Peak mark, it dropped by 13%

The reason is that it’s not the first International Championship 2020 qualifier for this region, so famous teams have already received their spots at the event, and many fans didn’t want to enable the broadcasts.

The Vietnamese region’s state of affairs is much better. Arena of Glory Winter 2020 ended on November 8 and provided three spots at International Championship 2020. If we compare the results with the previous year, the peak mark has grown by 15%, and the Hours Watched by 49%.

Such an outcome occurred because of the participants. Team Flash is one of the most discussed teams in this region, and 143K viewers watched their battles on average. Moreover, this squad is one of the top-10 most popular teams in SEA, so such an influx of viewers was quite evident.

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Saigon Phantom corrected their mistakes and achieved first place at the tournament. By the way, they’re the second by popularity - 102K Average Viewers.

Apart from these two teams, BOX Gaming also secured the spot at International Championship 2020 and attracted 90K Average Viewers at their matches. Heavy, top-5 SEA organization by popularity also participated in the event, but they haven’t achieved the spot at International Championship.

Arena of Valor International Championship 2020 will start on November 19. That’s why don’t forget to subscribe to our socials and get all relevant stats immediately.

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