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The results of Arena of Valor Premier League qualifiers

The results of Arena of Valor Premier League qualifiers

The popularization of mobile gaming every day becomes more global. And Arena of Valor, the most viewed online mobile game for 2019, plays a great role in it.

Today we’ll discuss the results of Arena of Valor Premier League qualifiers, which were held in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. 

Garena Challenger Series Spring 2020 in Taiwan was the first qualifier that began in early February and ended in mid-May.

6 teams took part in the tournament and the Hong Kong Attitude and ONE Team won the slots in the Premier League, and their final match at the peak collected 60K simultaneous viewers.

But how has the series shown itself compared to previous years? 

The Hours Watched of the last season decreased by 36%, although since 2018 the growth dynamics was only positive. 

The Arena of Glory Spring 2020 in the Vietnamese region was the second qualification for the Premier League. 

Team Flash became the absolute leader of this event both by popular matches and teams’ statistics. They’ve collected 5,3M Hours Watched and 133K Average Viewers. 

This team dominated throughout 2019 and won the Arena of Valor International Championship 2019. So the fact that they've took first place at this qualifier surprised no one. Another 3 places in the Premier League went to the Saigon Phantom, HTVC IGP Gaming (Project H) and FAPtv teams. 

Compared to Taiwan, the situation with the league in Vietnam is excellent, Hours Watched have risen by 56% and the peak was 468K spectators (10% more than last year), and this is definitely a new record for the region.

The RoV Pro League 2020 Summer was the Thai qualifier. Buriram United Esports, which took the second place at the Arena of Valor International Championship 2019, has won the place on the Premier League. And at the qualifier this team has attracted 78K spectators on average, and each popular match is with their participation. 

Bazaar Gaming, Talon Esports and POPS Bacon Time, despite their excellent results during the year, have lost this qualifier and had to fight for their places in the last series of qualifications - Road to APL.

So what is the situation of this league in general? 

The performance of RoV Pro League 2020 Summer has worsened compared to previous seasons. The Hours Watched decreased by 10%, the number of peak viewers has improved a little (176K viewers), but still didn’t reach the result of the Season 3. The average viewers mark is one of the worst - 58K, while Season 3 was collecting 100K on average. 

AOV Star League Season 4 in Indonesia became the last qualifier before Road to APL.

Team DG received the slot on the League, although the viewers preferred EVOS and ELVO teams based on the Hours Watched. The peak was during the match of EVOS against DG - 8,4K spectators.

As we can see, Season 4 of the Star League was worse than Season 3, but we must take into account the fact that Season 3 lasted on 50 hours more, and the peak of Season 4 was only a 1K spectators less than the on 3rd season.

Road to APL

Road to APL was the last qualifying series for the Arena of Valor Premier League and thus the last chance for teams that have lost on the previous events. 

Road to APL 2020 GCS was held in Taiwan region, and 4 teams participated in it. First place was taken by the MAD team, which has beat the team MOP with the score 3:0 and their match became the most popular with 17K peak viewers. 

The broadcast was held on YouTube Live and Facebook Live platforms and collected 91K Hours Watched, and MOP became the most popular team by HW and Average Viewers because it was in the finals of upper and lower brackets. 

The second qualifier Road to APL 2020 ASL was held in Indonesia and there we’ve noted the worst statistics, despite the promotion in social networks. The reason is the duration of the tournament; it was held for a couple of hours and only 3 teams participated in it. That’s why the overall Hours Watched number concluded 1401 hour, and the broadcast was watched by 1K viewers at the peak.

The spot in the Premier League was received by the new Indonesian team ELVO which overtook the established EVOS Esports team both by the game and by viewership statistics. 

The last and the most popular tournament was Road to APL 2020 Thailand with 7 invited teams. 

The peak was during the battle of POPSBacon against newbies EVOS.TH. and it reached the mark of 101K viewers. As for the most popular teams, Talon is leading by the average number of spectators - 63K, followed by BAZAAR Gaming with 61 thousand spectators on average. These two teams have performed well during the year, so fans were expecting their games at this tournament too.

The Vietnamese Team Flash became the most viewed team with an average of 133K spectators. Saigon Phantom from Vietnam occupies the second position with an average of 106K spectators. 

It’s worth noting that 4 teams of our Top are from Arena of Glory league and only Buriram United Esports is from RPL in our Top-5 with the result of 78,8K average viewers. 

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