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Arena of Valor: Discipline's results in 2020

Arena of Valor: Discipline's results in 2020

2020 is coming to an end, and so we start to summarize the results of the outgoing year. This article is about Arena of Valor, the top mobile game of 2019. We’ll list the achievements of the discipline and check whether this MOBA has improved its performance over the last year.

Let's start with this year’s most popular tournaments.

The Premier League of July generated the most hype. The online battles stretched for 159 hours, and during this time the event collected 25 million hours watched, becoming the most popular tournament in the discipline’s history based on this indicator. Additionally, the league’s statistics allowed it to become the highest rated event of July even before completely running its course.

The peak viewers indicator reached 670 thousand, which is yet another record for the discipline this year. Still, the league failed to surpass the Arena of Valor World Cup 2019, when the event was watched by 764 thousand peak viewers.

The results of Arena of Valor Premier League qualifiers

The results of Arena of Valor Premier League 2020

Found on the second spot based on both indicators is the Arena of Valor International Championship 2020, the main event of the year for all the fans of the discipline. Its 102 hours of airtime translated into 17 million hours watched. The top matches unveiled the tournament’s three main favorites: Team MAD, Saigon Phantom and Team Flash.

Reaching the final were MAD and SP, with their match being watched by 568 thousand peak viewers. The victory went to MAD, however, the fans paid the most attention to the Vietnamese from Flash; their battles being watched by 255 thousand average viewers.

Such an abundance of popular teams influenced the division of the audience by language, with Vietnamese viewers being responsible for 68,5% of the total hours watched. Following them were Thai viewers with 23%.

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We determined the top 5 most popular matches this year, and featured among them were once again the aforementioned three – MAD, SP and Flash. The matches that attracted the most viewer interest took place during the Premier League and the international championship.

The most popular match was the Premier League’s final, in which the Taiwanese team Flash Wolves clashed with the Thai team Buriram Esports.

Despite not winning any major esports tournaments, Team Flash enjoys rather strong support from their fanbase. Because of that, they reached 22,9 million hours watched in 2020.

It should be noted that Vietnam and Thailand each have two of the top five teams in the top. This directly points us to regions in which the discipline is most welcomed by the fans.

Arena of Valor has reached 93 million total hours watched this year. Compared to 2019, the game increased its hours watched by 29% but still failed to break its peak viewers record. In fact, compared to the World Cup 2019 the peak viewers indicator went down by 12%.

In 2019, the statistics of Arena of Valor allowed it to be ranked first among all the mobile games. But the most important question is how did it fare compared to its main rival - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. After all, the latter discipline managed to set a lot of records in 2020.

You’ll be able to find the answer in the future article dedicated to covering the mobile game results. In order to not miss all the upcoming results of the year, be sure to subscribe to our social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and VK.

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