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AWC: The results

AWC: The results

Another Arena of Valor World Cup has come to an end. Mobile strategy has reached the new levels of popularity, which means that it is time to compare them with those of the previous World Championship. And this is what we'll be doing today.

We remind you that we have previously reviewed the group part of this competition. The respective article is available on this page. Additionally, we would like to highlight our other mobile gaming-related news, available here.

In general, the new audience is about to start flowing in. This is observed both by the average and peak viewers. The average viewers have increased by 106 thousand. However, the peak viewers mark of this tournament was equal to a total of 764 thousand viewers, which is 458 thousand more than in 2018.

The distribution of viewers across the platforms is worth special attention. Unlike the western fans, eastern gamers prefer to spectate games on YouTube and Facebook. Incidentally, this was still noticeable at Garena World, which has gathered most of its viewers through the Google's service.

When dividing the audience by language, it is possible to find some negative, “red” marks. For example, the broadcasts in English and Thai showed negative results. For Western fans, the decreases were equal to 1318 peak viewers and 1890 average viewers. Thailand has lost much more. Its decrease has amounted to 96 thousand peak viewers and 6 thousand average viewers. It may well be that the fault of the team's unsuccessful performance.

At the same time, we were struck by Vietnamese gamers. Previously, they have already created much of a presence at MSI 2019. Now this audience has similarly manifested itself at the Arena of Valor World Cup 2019. The increase of the peak viewers for Vietnam was equal to 518 thousand. As for the average viewers, there were 109,000 more of them on the broadcast as compared to the previous World Championship.

In general, it shows all the power of mobile esports in this country. However, the sphere of interests of this country is not limited to AoV alone, and its fans follow many other representatives of this class of games, such as PUBG Mobile. Nevertheless, the League of Legends and similar MOBAs seem to be the main priority of Vietnamese fans.

But what about the teams? We ranked them by the average viewers, but we will mention only the three most popular ones. Last year, Korea was at the top of the list, immediately followed by Thailand, with the Chinese Taipei completing the top 3.

The situation has changed a bit during this season. Now the first spot goes to Vietnam due to its incredible results. The silver medal of the ranking goes to Chinese Taipei. The final, third spot belongs to Thailand.

Awaiting us this year is the main team tournament of this discipline - the Arena of Valor International Championship. It will complement the game's achievements for this season – the results of which we will certainly summarize. If you do not want to miss this news, then be sure to subscribe to our social networks: Facebook, VK, Twitter and Discord.

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