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AWC Spring 2020 Cup: Did the switch to YouTube help the statistics?

AWC Spring 2020 Cup: Did the switch to YouTube help the statistics?

Coronavirus has put the entire world on pause, that’s why an annual Arena World Championship adapted and completely changed its format. Initially, it was supposed to be offline, but for the safety of people, the organizers switched it to online and divided the cups by regions, so all the participants could be in the same conditions with the same ping.

The 8 AWC Spring 2020 Cups were held in 2 regions: Europe and North America (including Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America). These qualifiers were the first step towards the Arena World Championship 2020. The next stage is the AWC Circuit with 8 teams and a Final with 4 teams fighting for the $500,000 prize pool.

The main highlight of the European region is the continuation of rivalry between Method Black and Wildcard Gaming since the Arena World Championship 2019. This time, Wildcard Gaming was leading by taking the 1st place on 3 qualifiers out of 4. By the way, Method Black also stayed at the tournament, so we’ll see their feud again at the AWC Circuit.

Regarding the teams’ statistics, Method Black and Wildcard Gaming collected 16K viewers on average. As for the overall situation of the EU region, the first qualifier has shown the best results, but then we saw a slight decrease in terms of statistics.

What happened with the NA region? Cloud9 was leading during all 2019, but they failed to become a number 1 at Arena World Championship 2019. Based on the results of the NA qualifiers, they’ve decided to change the situation.

We’ve also seen a new WoW roster of Spacestation Gaming, which was created just a month before the tournament.

If we compare the regions, the very first European Cup is leading among all 8 tournaments with a mark of 26K Peak Viewers.

The changes did not end only on the format, the broadcasts of the event switched from Twitch to Youtube completely.

Compared to the AWC Summer 2019 Cup qualifiers, which were held in the same format of division by regions, the statistics got worse, but not drastically. 

The peak decreased by 22%, but we should consider the fact that the AWC Summer 2019 Cup #3 was aired for 10 hours longer than the qualifiers of 2020.

But if you look at the average number of viewers, this year showed better results than the previous one. The growth was 32%.

So, we can say that the transition to YouTube did not affect the results of qualifiers and even improved them in some aspects. Though, the audience has changed, because Russian, French and German broadcasts stopped to exist and Spanish and Portuguese were created instead.

Now we have to wait for the AWC Spring 2020 Circuit in the same two regions and then we can talk about the results of the whole season.

You can find more statistics on our Twitter and in our recent articles.

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