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Battle of Dota Majors: Playoffs

Today is the arrival of the second article with the comparison of the last two Major championships of Dota Pro Circuit for the 2018\19 season. If you've missed this, be aware that quite recently whe have compared the achievements of the DreamLeague Season 11 to those of The Chongqing Major. Now is the time to repeat the same for the playoff stage.

Firstly, as with the previous article, it is worth telling about the overall achievements of the aforementioned events. Based on the different indicators, both the DreamHack and SLTV can be named as the winner, resulting in a relative “draw”.

Based on the average number of viewers, the eleventh season of the DreamLeague is the winner. This indicator has increased by 9% of the Chinese championship results – in other words, its growth reached a total sum of 11 thousand viewers.

At the same time, The Chongqing Major peak figure was unmatched – being equal to 467 thousand viewers for its most popular match. By the way, this was the grand final, which was held with the participation of the players from and Team Secret. In the European tournament, the corresponding figure has shown a decline of 15%.

For a sake of more detailed comparison, we can say that streams in French, Vietnamese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese should be noted, as their performance figures actually grew (despite the overall failure with the peak amount of viewers).

France has pleasantly surprised us with its unusual growth. Merely after one event the average amount of viewers has grown from 404 in China to 2027 in Stockholm. The biggest achievement would be the moment of reaching the mark of 4 thousand viewers during the official stream in Sweden.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide as positive of a reaction to the Russian, English and Turkish broadcasts. Those audiences grew in terms of their average numbers of viewers, but their peak results actually decreased. Does the interest of major fans of the game also decrease?

The streams for the Philippines, Thailand, and Korea can be described as total failures, with all the indicators mentioned being on the decrease. This is quite obvious, because the schedule of a European event suits these countries the least.

Once again, we would like to note the contribution of the Russian-speaking community to the overall standings. Based on the information we have collected, approximately 42% of views obtained on DreamLeague Season 11 can be attributed to this audience. At The Chongqing Major, fans from the CIS showed a slightly lower result of38%.

To conclude this cycle of articles, we can say that at the playoff stage, the struggle between the competitions looked more sensible. During the group stage, the victory could be fully attributed to the Swedish major. But now, each event can be called a winner based on particular achievements only.

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