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Berlin Major: New Challengers Stage

Posted Sep 03, 2019

The first stage of StarLadder Major Berlin is over – which means that we got to know the first participants of the next stage of the competition, as well as nearly all those filling the “legend” status quota. Today we will talk about the results of the broadcast of the New Challengers Stage.

Comparing the tournament with that of the last year, some problems can be seen. We will start with the peak viewers of the competition's broadcast. At the Berlin competition it amounted to 430 thousand people. This is 4 thousand less than at the streams of the first stage of IEM Katowice 2019.

This figure was obtained during two matches: G2 against TyLoo and North against INTZ. The New Challengers Stage matches were held in parallel format. This means that at some points the audience had to choose between two interesting fights.

The decrease of the results can be seen based on other aspects as well. The average viewers figure of the Berlin event was equal to 269 thousand people. The difference with the previous major has reached 31 thousand. In percentage terms, this would be 11%.

That did not exhaust the list of problems, as seen by the hours watched. This figure of the StarLadder's event has reached 12 million 808 thousand hours. At the same time, at Katowice 2019 the result was much more impressive – 16 million hours. This makes the decrease being equal to 23%.

If the hours watched gap is still explainable (by IEM Katowice having more airtime) then in two other cases the appearance of decrease is more difficult to understand. The Poland-based event also used to hold two matches at the same time. However, one more thing can be noted: the first StarLadder Berlin Major matches began an hour earlier than those in the ESL competition.

It’s worth mentioning the most popular New Challengers Stage teams. We will rank them by the average viewers. Based on this indicator, the guys from G2 Esports were the first. Gathering at their matches was an average of 253 thousand people.

Following them are the representatives of mousesports. The battles of the “mice” were watched by 200 thousand people. Completing the popularity ranking was AVANGAR with its 194 thousand viewers.

The meeting between G2 Esports and mousesports was marked by the peak viewers figure – namely, their match was watched by 349 thousand people. Based on this, we can safely dub the “samurai” as the most popular team of the first stage of Berlin Major.

We continue to follow the competition from StarLadder. In the future, a few more articles with the tournament reports will be published on our blog. If you do not want to miss them, be sure to subscribe to our pages on social networks: Twitter, Facebook and VK. Do not forget about the Esports Charts Discord server.

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