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BLAST Pro Series: the results of 2018

Posted Jan 03, 2019

The end of 2018 turned out to be extremely event-packed for RFRSH Entertainment. The company managed to join the new League of Legends league in Europe, held several championships and, in general, left all competitors to bite the dust. But for now we will focus only on the events held by RFRSH.

Despite its passivity during most of the year, the organizer seemed to have quite a fun time in the autumn. In just a few months, the tournament operator was able to hold 3 high-quality events on CS:GO. In order to achieve this, a whole new series was created - BLAST Pro Series, which was first mentioned in the end of 2017.

Good planning of the event showed itself in the best way possible and the audience received a large amount of content over only a couple of days. As a result, the users were not bored by similar-style matches held at different stages of the event. This was achieved due to the format of the event, which RFRSH Entertainment have shaped on their own.

It is quite simple: first, all the participants play one group in the “Everyone versus everyone” system, after which the top pair enters the match for the Champion title. That's all! It would seem like a very unusual undertaking, but it is also perfectly justifiable in case the goal is to hold a huge tournament during just two days. As a result, we have a sufficient number of matches, and a spectacular grand final.

An interesting digression to make would be Na’Vi and Astralis’s have of reaching the finals of the BLAST Pro Series. It was this particular duo that managed to enter the final matches of this series twice no less.

If we compare all the events of the company, then the tournament in Copenhagen can be called the most successful. This competition has collected more than six million hours of broadcast views. During peak, the event was followed by a record number of 622 thousand spectators.

If we remove our Chinese friends from the statistics, the situation will change. The most popular championship will be the recent BLAST Pro Series Lisbon. It managed to collect almost 2 million hours across the Western audiences. The peak on all the streams has reached 237 thousand spectators.

The tournament from the organizer in Istanbul can be called the most “cozy”. The event does not fall far behind its counterparts, but it was still ranked last among the entire list. At its peak, 241,000 people watched it, but the total number of hours was a little less than half a million. Thus, it is not on the last place based on the peak broadcast figures, but rather it got there due to the overall viewer interest levels obtained.

In the future, we expect new competitions under the auspices of this TO. Only for 2019, the company has already announced 3 events across the different parts of the globe. We are sure that the quality of events will increase, and with it the interest of esports fans.

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