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BlizzCon 2019: The esports overview

BlizzCon 2019: The esports overview

Traditionally, at the convention for Blizzard fans, there were not only the large announcements regarding studio projects, but also esports events dedicated to those. In this article we will tell you which of the championships has become the most popular.

In total, five competitions were brought to the exhibition this year. Two of them were dedicated to Worlds of Warcraft – the first concentrating on arena-based PvP mode, the second on speed of passage of PvE content. The third event of the exhibition was the Overwatch World Cup, which is the national team championship. The fourth tournament was the Heartstone GrandMasters 2019 final, and closing the list was the final WCS StarCraft 2 competition.

But which event can be safely called the most popular one? Judging by the data that we have collected, the title went to the Overwatch World Cup. The championship took first spot in the ranking for all the key indicators.

The event hit the mark of 146 thousand peak viewers. The result was obtained during the match between the national teams of Korea and the United States. As part of this battle, American players destroyed the myth of the Korean shooter players' invincibility.

The second highest result was displayed by the StarCraft 2 World Championship. WCS Global Finals 2019 slightly exceeded the figure of 80 thousand peak viewers. The smallest observers at the peak (36 thousand) were at Mythic Dungeon International.

Championship has also gathered around 71 thousand average viewers. It is worth noting that the second spot went to the WoW arena battles. The indicator of this event has reached 43 thousand people. The last spot and 33 thousand viewers went to Mythic Dungeon International.

It does not make sense to compare these events in terms of hours watched, given that there is more than 6 times worth airtime difference between some of them.

It can be concluded that the national team tournament has become the most popular event of this BlizzCon. The incredible result of the US team was an excellent occasion for attracting viewers, which is why the championship climbed to the first spot in the ranking.

On the other hand, the new format of the Hearthstone esports scene has shown some degree of failure. It was overtaken by all the other esports events, nearly reaching the result shown by the PvE World of Warcraft competition.

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