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In commemoration of Lannie "Ohlana" and Kenny "Blue622" Tancredi

In commemoration of Lannie "Ohlana" and Kenny "Blue622" Tancredi

Our community didn’t recover from the death of Byron "Reckful" Bernstein, and now 2 other streamers have passed away.

July 6, the Canadian streamer Lannie Ohlana has committed suicide, and she was just 26 years old. She was suffering from depression, and before her death, she posted alarming notes in her socials. Looking at the titles of her streams, we can also assume that she needed some support from others.

Lannie was hosting her channel since 2014, and 100K people subscribed to her channel for these 6 years. Ohlana preferred to communicate with her fans in Just Chatting category the most. Her Air Time in this category concluded 594 hours and Hours Watched reached the mark of 175K.

She also loved to stream Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hours Watched concluded 53K. Lennie also tried Valorant, 794 viewers watched her at the peak, and she has spent 92 hours streaming the new game by Riot.

We’ve prepared the statistics of her channel starting from 2019.

Ohlana’s Hours Watched has reached the mark of 314K for 2 years. 61% of this number is from the Just Chatting category. Her total Air Time is 1298 hours.  

Recently we’ve discovered that Kenny “Blue622” Tancredi has also passed away on the 4th of June. He was only 30 years old. The certain reason of his death is unknown. Blue622 has created his channel in 2015 and now the amount of subscribers is 45K.

Kenny has influenced the development of GTA V streaming a lot. The Hours Watched of his streams in this category concluded 292K.

Thanks to Kenny Tancredi, many streamers became interested in GTA V Role Play. Initially, Kenny lured his friend Summit1G there, and other players like LIRIK, NoPixel, and JoshOG joined them later.  

In 2 years Kenny’s Hours Watched reached the mark of 610K, and he streamed GTA V 96% of his Air Time. Almost 14K viewers watched his stream at the peak.

Kenny’s fans honored his memory on the GTA V servers by gathering in front of his virtual home and engraving his name on the memorial stone.

The relatives of Lannie “Ohlana” have organized the fundraising on GoFundMe for her funeral. Kenny’s mother, Holly Bentzen, will spend some part of the money on the memorial monument and the rest from GoFundMe will go to people in need.

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