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PUBG: The concluding remarks on the PCS Charity

PUBG: The concluding remarks on the PCS Charity

Game developers often host charitable gaming activities. In the coronavirus-stricken world, this trend has gained even greater popularity, with almost every major discipline having acquired its own charity tournament. PCS Charity Showdown became such a competition for PUBG, so let's talk about its results.

It's no secret that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been experiencing major problems with attracting the audience's interest over the past year. It seems that the situation has only worsened during the pandemic, given that the developers have failed to quickly adjust their esports system to the new state of affairs.

Let's take a look at how the competitive part of the discipline has shown itself using the PCS Charity Showdown as an example. We'll compare the results of all four regions with each other, as well as with the latest PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tournaments.

The tournament itself received 112 thousand peak viewers during the broadcast of PCS Charity Showdown Asia Pacific. Thai broadcast has amounted to as much as 70% of this result. It is also important to understand that, due to certain geographical difficulties, Asia was separated into two distinct parts for event's purposes. And that means that the representatives of Southeast Asia and Oceania have competed in the “Pacific” part of the event.

The North American tournament has shown the least peak viewers indicator: of only 6 thousand viewers. Such numbers are quite common for this region. Last summer, we observed the indicators ranging up to 10 thousand viewers – and since then, the game hasn't shown much progress. When looking at the average viewers, we see a complete repeat of this situation. The two Asian parts of the tournament are at the top, while America takes the last spot.

It is worth comparing the results of the Asian part with this region's recent tournament PUBG Nations Allstar Summit. Overall, the situation seems to work in its favor, with the Asian region showing growth of public interest.

The situation with the Western scene is the opposite. The past PCS tournaments had fewer viewers than the finals of the 4th season of GLL and PGS Berlin. The difference in comparison with the North America is especially big. Continuing same trend is the number of tournaments for the region, which keeps decreasing with each next month.Currently, the Europe is awaiting the launch of the first PCS season – and afterwards, the game's status in this region will be finally clear.

The Call of Duty boom was the reason for the disappointing performance in the US and Canada. The "New World" is well-known for the affection it displays towards the Activision's shooter. The battle royale mode released for the Black Ops 4 has further cemented this trend, while the recent Warzone title has only strengthened the game's advantage over PUBG. It shouldn't be forgotten that the game's esports scene was abandoned by nearly all the top esports organizations of North America: Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, OpTic Gaming, Team Envy and many others.

As it can be understood, in Asia the situation is still under PUBG's control, with the mobile version of the shooter also enjoying much popularity in this region. But the game's standing in the rest of the world is extremely weak, and the number of problems only keeps growing.

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