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C.O.P.A. Free Fire: One of the best results of the discipline

C.O.P.A. Free Fire: One of the best results of the discipline

The Free Fire Championship among the best Brazilian teams gathered 570 thousand peak viewers, thus obtaining one of the best results of the discipline and becoming the sixth most popular event in the Garena Free Fire.

It's no secret that when it comes to Brazil, Garena's Mobile Battle Royale is held in high esteem – to the point of being one of the country's top games. The regional Free Fire tournaments attract hundreds of thousands of viewers, while the organizations from other regions display much interest in this game.

C.O.P.A. Free Fire became one of the discipline's new “achievements”. The championship gathered 570 thousand peak viewers. Understandably, such a figure was reached on thanks to the Brazilian fans – given that the official broadcast of the event was available only in Portuguese.

There was one more distinctive feature of the championship, namely that it took two months to conclude. This is quite a rare occasion for any discipline in Brazil. The organizers tend to go for the short-term "weekend tournaments" instead of the long-term leagues that take a large number of playing days to conclude.

It is also important to understand that YouTube has the most views. But the local streaming platform BOOYAH! was also notable for bringing the championship more viewers than the (rather popular) Facebook Live.

As it was mentioned, the mark of 570K peak viewers was the sixth best result for the discipline – being outmatched only by the last two World Championships, last year's Free Fire Pro League Brazil, as well as by the Copa América 2020. The latter shouldn't be viewed as the previous tournament of the series, given that it encompasses the entirety of Latin America – whereas C.O.P.A. Free Fire is limited to Brazil.

In the scope of this region, the overall nature of this event is ambiguous. When comparing it to the other local tournaments, the state of affairs is more on a negative side. While the competition turned out to be more popular than the Liga Brasileira de Free Fire by the peak viewers figure, it was still outmatched by its rival in every other respect.

The participants of C.O.P.A. are partly to blame for the figures this high. The list of contenders for the champion title was joined by such Brazilian stars as LOUD, paiN Gaming, INTZ and many others. The organizations from other regions can be found among the participants as well. Naturally, Team Liquid stands out the most out of these.

The presence of football clubs among the list of the teams is quite interesting, with FC Santos and FC Cruzeiro having their own rosters. This is especially pleasing due to their elite status, which means that their expansion towards esports will have an extremely positive impact on the latter.

In the end, it can be said that the C.O.P.A. Free Fire turned out to be interesting. The championship has succeeded in once again drawing the attention to the title, as well as to the mobile esports as a whole. But for how long will the discipline's sixth peak viewers result be retained? Be among the first to learn about it through our official pages on Facebook, Twitter and VK. You may also ask questions on our Discord server.

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