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The battle of minors: Americas

Posted Feb 13, 2019

We have already compared the results of the European qualifiers for the last three World Championships. Now is the time to take a look on the overseas events. In this article we will inspect all things related to the American qualifiers for the main tournament of the year.

Before we start, it's worth mentioning that was removed from the statistics. This was done because Valve's streaming platform is known to distort the real state of things, therefore preventing us from having a firm understanding of the whole situation.

It is no secret that American esports scene was often facing mistrust from a number of viewers and analysts. However, after the ELEAGUE Major marked by the victory of Cloud9, things took a new turn, bringing extra attention to this region. At the same time, the scene saw an influx of new faces, including a number of ambitious newcomer players from Brazil.

At the last Minor, Brazilians decided to go all out, earning 3 American Minor spots as a result. One of these was obtained through North American selections, and the other two through South America's qualifiers. Such diligence has resulted in 10 cyberathletes representing the country at the Intel Extreme Masters, which is a number only exceeded by Russia and Sweden.

The newly introduced Play-In has also influenced the statistics. Namely, it gave a greater importance to the battles for the third place. This provided the viewers with a new focus of interest in addition to the finals, and made the playoff stages more thrilling.

As proven by statistics, these means have successfully attracted the attention of community. The Portuguese language became the most popular after English. The average online presence for broadcasts of this region's qualifiers has grown fivefold. Compared to the 11 thousand people watching the Boston qualifiers on average, a figure of 56 thousand people was reached just a year later, in Katowice.

The peak figures were also quite surprising. Eleague's and FaceIT's streams have peaked at nearly 30 thousand viewers. As for the IEM itself, the peak figures have reached 105 thousand spectators. This clearly shows the growing interest to the overseas scene.

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