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The battle of minors: Asia

Posted Feb 15, 2019

The minor of Intel Extreme Masters comes last but not least. Since we had the respective Europe, CIS and Americas events already reviewed, now is the time for Asia and its regional qualifiers.

When compared to the other regions, Asia was never that fond of the shooter genre. While Crossfire may be a notable exception, it also lacks popularity outside of Asia. Statistically, the Asian players have constituted the tiniest fraction of the worldwide CS:GO scene. But even a fraction this tiny is known to house some decent, highly skilled cyberathletes.

As for the levels of interest the Asian Minor has managed to attract, the situation is pretty much a repeat of what has been said above. Among the four events, this one had the least amount of spectators. Such result is hardly surprising, since the large-scale CS:GO tournaments with the representatives of top 10 were launched by HLTV only a year ago.

The event does show some growth, just not on the level of the other three. Still, there is some impressive progress to be found there. The amount of broadcast viewers had an almost seven-fold increase – from 4406 viewers for Eleague to 27760 viewers for IEM.

When making a day-by-day evaluation, it is evident that the first days of Polish event were much more productive. The Boston qualifier matches were spectated by around 2000 viewers – fast forward one year, and we see the opening matches in Katowice gathering a total of 47186 viewers. The finals have shown a different result altogether, exceeding that amount by another 46 thousand viewers.

We can conclude that the Asian audience seems to grow at a decent rate, even if for now its figures cannot really compare to those of the western regions. But over the next few years, the tables may be turned – should this growth continue on such a fast pace.

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