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The battle of minors: CIS

Posted Feb 14, 2019

Earlier, the two minors of the Polish World Championship have already been noted by ESC. Both of these showed roughly the same trends and results. Therefore, today we will provide an overview of the third instance of major's main qualifier in order to determine just how different it looks from the other two.

Let us remind that the statistics include only the and Youtube broadcasts, with the rest of platforms (such as being deliberately omitted in order to obtain more robust results.

As mentioned in the previous articles, the Katowice tournament became the leading one among the three CIS minors, showing much better results compared to its Eleague predecessor. The reasons for this include a more renowned list of participants, an overall increase in competition, and a new format for the 3rd place qualifiers.

When comparing all three events at once, we can see that the London- and Boston-based ones go head-to-head. Meanwhile, the achievements of the Polish event are great enough to make the two of them bite the dust.

The situation with the peak figures is almost the same. For Katowice minor, it reached 70 and 84 thousand viewers for the group stage and play-off stage respectively, with corresponding figures for FaceIT Minor standing at 26 and 23 thousand viewers. As for Eleague qualifiers, the figures have stopped increasing at surprisingly small level of 4 and 12 thousand viewers respectively.

With this we can see a seven-fold increase in the audience interest to the CIS qualifiers, when compared to the previous year, something that can be explained by region's growing competitiveness. With each next qualifier stage, it becomes harder and harder to guess the winner, the main reason for which being the large amount of the rising star players and the new organizations backing them.

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