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CWL: The results of the Pro League

Posted Aug 19, 2019

After the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019, we decided to summarize the results of the recent Pro League. Using it for the sake of comparison, we will try to show the reaction of the community in the 2019 season.

Before starting, we should mention that all the stages of the league (based on 2018's format) entered the comparison. The respective results were summarized and contrasted with the competition of the current season.

First, let's compare the overall results of the game to those of the last year. Nowadays we got a situation that shows us an ambiguous state of affairs. The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 championship loses to its predecessor by peak broadcast viewers, but in other cases it still scores a victory.

Simply put, in terms of average stream viewers, the new game received an increase. It amounted to 8,300 people. In percentage terms, this positive result amounts to as much as 57%. The decrease that we observe when comparing the peak viewers has reached 16 thousand. This is about 18% less than in the last year's league.

As for the teams – in fact, nothing has changed over the year. Based on all aspects, it can be seen that the guys from OpTic Gaming firmly took the first spot in popularity. They participated in the most popular match of both seasons, at the same time they have hit the highest mark of the average match viewers.

Next to the “green” are the representatives of FaZe. In two seasons, they also participated in the most popular matches. However, in terms of average viewers, the team is still inferior to its own opponent. The upcoming World Championship should put an end to this confrontation.

We will closely monitor the situation in order to summarize the results of the 2019 World Cup to the best of our ability. If you do not want to miss this, be sure to subscribe to our pages on the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook and VK. Do not forget about the official Esports Charts Discord server as well.

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