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DOTA Summit: Reaching the new heights

DOTA Summit: Reaching the new heights

The tournaments of BTS Summit series always held a special place in the hearts of esports fans. The competitions were each time conducted in an unorthodox way, thus attracting its share of the audience. DOTA Summit 12 has managed to improve upon the recent results, which is what we will be discussing today.

Considering the date chosen, the championship has found itself caught between rock and a hard place. The campaign for containing the coronavirus has led many countries to ban a number of major events – including the cancellation of near entirety of LAN competitions. Meanwhile, DOTA Summit 12 has barely managed to take place in its offline format, gathering the world's best teams in the same studio.

It is peculiar that the organizers have decided to hold the tournament during the workweek. This solution sounds rather fresh and has impacted the indicators of visibility for sure. Judging from the series' schedule, this impact was a positive one.

The tournament has gathered 146 thousand peak viewers, setting a new record for the series. Namely, the increase compared to the previous peak mark (from the ninth season) equals to 18%. When compared to the DOTA Summit 11, the increase in the peak mark reaches as much as 56%.

The peak viewers mark was reached during the lower grid's final match between EG and the second roster of OG.Seed, while the grand final (Fnatic versus “seed”) has taken the second spot. This further reinforces the importance of the presence of popular teams – especially of the likes of Evil Geniuses, whose fanbase stretches across all corners of the world – which, since the current season, also includes the CIS (because of RAMZES666).

The average viewers indicator has also joined the ongoing trend of all-out increase, setting a new record for the series with a total of 66 thousand average viewers. The previous record was set by the DOTA Summit 9 and amounted to 63 thousand viewers. Now when taking a look at the series' previous competition, it only had 46 thousand average viewers (which is 43% less), despite being the season's first minor.

It should be noted that the last season's results were comparable to those of the recent minor, yet the two also are fundamentally different by the fact that the American event's had a twice lower prize pool. The minors also have peculiar advantages of their own: the DPC points and the quotas for the season's next major.

Additionally, the competition's schedule was also unlike many others: taking place entirely during the workweek, with the DOTA Summit 12 finale falling on Friday. This is not the first such occurrence, however – many other organizers have started to consider this approach as well. As an example, part of the LCS matches take place on Friday and Monday.

To conclude, it should be said that the tournament will only keep on reaching new heights. Although the series' total count has already exceeded ten seasons, this doesn't mean the results will get worse. Likewise, the organizers always try to exceed themselves and attract even more viewers than the last time.

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