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The effect of community streamers on official broadcasts' audience of Dota 2

The effect of community streamers on official broadcasts' audience of Dota 2

Today we’ll discuss one of the fundamental issues of Twitch broadcasts: How community streamers influence the viewership statistics of official tournaments? The base of this report is data of Dota 2 tournaments, and in the future, we’ll investigate the situation in other disciplines.

To investigate the situation in the CIS region we've taken the Russian Epic Prime League Season 1 along with Russian and English audiences of Gamers Without Borders Dota 2.

Apart from dota2ruhub, Epic Prime League Season 1 was broadcast by community streamers sh4dowehhh and daxak.

During the playoffs, 123K viewers watched dota2ruhub in total, and sha4dowehhh was watched by 25K. According to our statistics, only 2,28% switch to Ruhub, if sha4dowehhh is offline. 

At the same time, 8,52% watched only sha4dowehhh. So we can conclude that the remaining 92% are his inconstant viewers.

In the case of Epic Prime League 1, we can say that most viewers stayed on official broadcasts more than with community streamers. The biggest amount of viewers (15K) watched RuHub in the range from 10 to 30 minutes.

Regarding the community streamers, most of the audience watched their streams from 5 to 10 minutes, and then some part went to other broadcasts.

All in all, dota2ruhub collected 1,1M Hours Watched during Epic Prime League Season 1 and sh4dowehhh - 73K. Indeed, sh4dowehhh has taken 21% of Epic Prime League Season 1 viewers on his channel.

Let’s see what’s the situation with the English audience of Gamers Without Borders Dota 2.

Apart from official broadcast, the tournament was streamed by Admiralbulldog and Gorgc. But English official broadcast remained most popular by collecting 45K viewers at the peak. Gorgc has collected 31K viewers and Admiralbulldog - 11K.

69,5% of the Gwbps Dota 2 audience sometimes watch forenamed streamers, so a big part of viewers roamed from Gorgc and Admiralbulldog to official broadcast. The main reason is that Gwbps is a brand new broadcast, so people were curious what it can offer to them.

8,84% of admiralbulldog’s viewers switched to gorgc on the first day of the tournament.

28% of viewers watched the official broadcast in the range from 10 to 30 minutes. In turn, the biggest part of the audience watched admiralbulldog’s stream from 5 to 10 minutes, and then some part would go to another broadcast.  

Regarding Gorgc, viewers watched him the longest - 15K fans were on his broadcast from 120 to 360 minutes. The dynamics of the audience didn’t change much with time, so we can say that Gorgc managed to hold new audience on his broadcast.

According to our estimations, thanks to these 2 community streamers, 53,68% of new viewers switched to official broadcasts, and streamers received 22,8% of a new audience. But Gorgc influenced this number more than Admiralbulldog.

There was also a Russian broadcast of Gamers Without Borders Dota 2, and Maincast was the second official broadcast.Sh4dowehh has also streamed the event.

Sh4dowehh has suffered a lot because of the tournament, because on May 16th 73% of his viewers switched to dota2mc_ru and 5% to official broadcast. So on May 17th, he finished his stream before the start of the tournament, and then streamed in parallel with RuHub.

That’s why streamers need to find other ways to avoid streaming at the same time with official broadcasts. In such a way, they won’t lose the audience, because viewers usually roam from stream to stream.

On this basis, the official broadcasts don’t suffer much from community streamers. In turn, the switch of the audience from community streamers to official broadcasts can be considered as mutually beneficial exchange. 

Streamers promote themselves for the account of the tournaments, and official broadcasts receive the new audience consecutively. If they weren't watching a certain streamer, they wouldn't be watching the tournament at all.

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