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EPL: The return to Twitch

Posted Jul 02, 2019

Finally, after a brief period of wandering over the Facebook, the CS:GO league from ESL has returned to Twitch. Today, we will tell you how the season finale has literally blasted its way back into its “homeland.”

We'll remind you that in the past, ESL had a partnership with the popular social network. The company's English broadcast was always present on Facebook streaming platform. However, this has led the organizer's events to a fiasco of sorts, causing a significant loss of interest from the audience.

ESL Pro League has returned to the platform with a loud bang. The tournament has not only managed to update its existing records, but became a source of pride for the tournament operator for the first time in several seasons. This happened due to some very obvious reasons, but more on them later.

Overall, the competition has displayed significant growth. The peak figure of the tournament reached 422 thousand viewers, which is a mark only the sixth season with its 177 thousand viewers can stand somewhat close to. Next in the line is the eighth season, lagging behind with its 160 thousand viewers.

Based on the viewhours, we can again see ESL Pro League Season 9 at the top of the ranking. This time the gap created by the ninth season did not disappoint as well, being equal to more than 4 million hours compared to second spot of the ranking. It also managed to leave the own predecessor behind with a gap of 5 million hours. What can we say, EPL made a great comeback.

We'd like to separately mention the participants of the competition, namely to tell about their achievements – which will be split based on two indicators: the average number of viewers and the viewhours. We can tell you ahead of time that, based on the peak results, the top spot was quite predictably occupied by Team Liquid and G2.

Based on the average viewability, first spot goes to the team from America – Liquid. The matches of Americans have gathered 120 thousand viewers. At the same time, the bottom place of the ranking goes to the guys from DETONA Gaming with their 30 thousand broadcast viewers.

Astralis have surprised us. Despite their overall results, they took the second spot in the average viewability ranking, leaving behind even the finalists of the event, G2. The existing glory of the Danes will continue to benefit them for quite a while.

Another gold medal goes to Liquid, should we sort the list by the viewhours. All in all, their matches have amounted to 3 million 577 thousand viewhours. DETONA can be once again found at the opposite side of the ranking, being at the bottom with their result of 101 thousand viewhours.

To conclude, we can tell with full confidence that the return was successful. Still, we hope that in the future the organizer will think twice before leaving own “homeland” for the sake of an adventure stunt that looks like a mere curiosity.

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