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Esports Charts PRO: Tournaments comparison

We continue to improve and expand the functionality of our website. In the previous announcement of our new "Products" page, we promised to tell you about our new statistics feature. 

Today we are pleased to introduce our new "Compare tournaments" page. So, what are the main functions of this page?

With the new feature for Esports Charts PRO subscribers, you don't have to switch from tab to tab to compare the statistics. You need just a couple of clicks for the comparison. 

Just select the discipline and the tournament you're interested in. Then we'll do everything for you.

As you can see, the tournaments can be compared not only by one discipline, so now the question "What is more popular, LoL or Dota 2, Apex Legends or Fortnite?" can be answered in a few seconds.

As for the categories, you can compare the statistics by 4 categories: General data, Hours Watched, Peak Viewers and Average Viewers separately. 

You can also download the high-quality image of your comparison (2 to 8 tournaments) in our signature style both on  PC and mobile devices.  

The examples of comparison:

Overall stats & Hours Watched:

Peak Viewer & Average Viewers:

We will continue to improve our platform and, of course, expect feedback from you (our users) on your experience in using it. You can share this feedback on our "Contacts" page.

If you are interested in advanced and more detailed statistics and you want to try our new comparison feature, please consider subscribing to Esports Charts PRO.

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