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ESC Growth # 7: The new logo

Posted Jul 16, 2019

Previously, our service has received an update in the form of a new web domain. We did not stop at that and today we are happy to show you our new logo! At the same time, a new section has appeared on the main page of the site, but more about this below.

First of all, we should note that we are always looking for new developments and new opportunities for growth. This area of activity includes keeping our service "fresh", which has resulted in the creation of the new logo. We will definitely continue on this path – so who knows, maybe Esports Charts will update its look once again.

As it was already mentioned, there's more to this update than just the logo. The main page of our website now features a new section dedicated to Twitch statistics. It will serve to show the popularity rankings of categories and channels based on the amount of viewhours. Previously such information could be seen only in the news articles from our blog.

We are pleased with this being yet another step towards increasing the amount of information provided. While only part of the data will be available at first, its amount will continue to grow over time!

If you do not want to miss the new developments regarding this topic, then be sure to follow our social networks. They are available at the following links: Twitter, Facebook, VK and Discord. At the same time we recommend not to miss the various thematic articles from our blog.

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