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How we collect Esports Charts statistics

Posted May 31, 2018

Esports Charts functions for a very long time providing unique statistics for everybody who is interested in the future of esports. The foundation of our work is honest and fact-based. That is why we decided to share information about how we collect data and form our statistics.

Twitch and YouTube are both well-known giants of streaming industry, however, there are many other services on the market which gather lots of viewers of esports events or personal streams.

Live broadcasting has become a worldwide trend, which is why the most popular social networks try to be a part of it. The largest Russian social network launched their own streaming service and actively promotes it. Furthermore, signed agreements which give them exclusive broadcast rights of the RFPL and Russian Esports Cup.

Facebook, the most popular social network in the world has launched its streaming service and immediately signed a multi-million dollar contract with ESL to make exclusive tournament broadcasts. Their largest Dota 2 and CS:GO tournaments with official English commentary are only available on Facebook. The community has been frustrated with this for some time, but it seems like everybody is getting used to Facebook nowadays.

Garena Live is a quite popular streaming service in the SEA region. In fact, it is like local Twitch — you can find there not only gaming broadcasts but also karaoke, social eating, and much more content. Esports streams are also quite popular there gathering lots of viewers, especially during League of Legends tournaments.

Korea is a unique region with its own gaming and esports history. Local streaming service AfreecaTV keeps a key position on the market, where you can watch largest Starcraft 2, League of Legends and PUBG events. For example, AfreecaTV PUBG League Season 1 gathered 1.5 million people at the peak, which is quite a lot.

Japan also has its own gaming ecosystem with its own history. Esports is quite popular there, so tournament streams collect decent amounts of people. The most popular online services in the region are AbemaTV and OpenrecTV. Rage Spring 2018 was streamed on AbemaTV and gathered half a million people at the peak. Interestingly, the traditional Japanese board game Mahjong also collects a lot of viewers, up to half a million.

China’s streaming community feels like another planet within our own. Twitch, YouTube, and many other services are blocked in this country. A multi-million audience provides opportunities to create huge local services like PandaTV, Huya, Douyu, and many more. It is a huge market where popular players receive millions of dollars to stream exclusively to a particular service. Chinese streaming services are receiving large investments as well. Recently, Tencent recently invested $630 million in Huya and Douyu.

The Chinese esports audience is the biggest part of the world community, which is why many users are sure that all Chinese broadcasts statistics might feel like false or twisted. For example, Mid-Season Invitational 2018 peaked at 126 million viewers from the Middle Kingdom which suggests that every tenth Chinese citizen watched this event. Esports is extremely popular among people in China. Most recently, Huya set a record of the maximum online viewers on a personal broadcast as the player of popular esports team Royal Never Give Up — Jiang “Uzi” Tsihao peaked at 8.5 million Chinese viewers.

The goal of Esports Charts is to provide a service that enables transparency in esports and highlight community growth while avoiding exaggeration or diminishment. Our team is scrupulous about collecting and analyzing data. We work with dozens of popular services to understand and use the trends of the esports industry. In addition, we are now polishing our support for in-game spectator features like DotaTV and will make it generally available in the nearest future. Stay tuned to our updates, Esports Charts becomes bigger and greater each day!

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