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Esports Charts partners with H2 Interactive Inc.

Esports Charts partners with H2 Interactive Inc.

Esports Charts has partnered with H2 Interactive Inc. regarding Esports Charts’ service in the East Asian region. The Korean and Japanese language versions of have been released as of April 2020.

"We are pleased to have a partner with extensive experience and connections in the Korean and Japanese esports markets," said Sergii Rudenko, Esports Charts’ Head of Sales and Partnerships. "Our partnership with H2 Interactive gives us the opportunity to communicate with local companies in their native language, which will certainly add trust to our relationship.”

H2 Interactive will be a full participant in the processes of interaction with Korean and Japanese companies that need truthful statistics and analysis of the esports and sports markets. The new partnership will assist in bringing Esports Charts to a higher level in Northeast Asia.

“We are delighted to partner with ESM.One LLC, regarding its innovative Esports Charts service in the East Asian region,“ said Heita Miyoshi, Co-founder and CXO of H2 Interactive, Inc. “Esports Charts’ service in Korean and Japanese will definitely contribute to the empowerment of the local eSports communities.”

Both companies are determined to build long-term cooperation and jointly develop the esports market both locally in Korea and globally.

H2 Interactive, Inc. is a Tokyo-based game company specialized in bridging East Asia to the rest of the world. The company has expertise in multi-player online game services, international companies’ market entries and business development in Korea and Japan in the field of video games and digital marketing. It’s been successful in consulting various international companies and helping them successfully launch their businesses and services in East Asia. /

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