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Results of 2018 with Esports Charts

Posted Mar 30, 2019

Our team has completed all the preparations and is ready to provide the users with a detailed analysis of the past year. We intend to display the results of the 2018 competitive season in the esports world within its framework.

There, the users will be able to find the overall list of top esports events, along with the more targeted statistics. Speaking about the latter, we should specifically note the separate information blocks covering the Twitch-related successes.

We are pleased to announce that you will be able to find both the championships and the long-term leagues (such as the Overwatch League) among the data provided. Much attention was paid to the new trends of game industry – such as the mobile games and the “battle royale”.

While this material was prepared by us a long time ago, we've opted for its publication to coincide with a big event. That would be our recent move to ESCharts, thanks to which our team is finally ready to present you all with a special page containing the results of 2018.

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