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An interesting esports weekend in February

An interesting esports weekend in February

The first half of February was marked by having an extremely interesting weekend. A large number of esports events took place in the scope of merely few days. Today we will summarize the respective results and tell you about the weekend's highlights.

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Standing out the most is the Mobile Legends title, gathering 476 thousand viewers at the Indonesian League match of MPL ID Season 5. For this discipline as a whole, such a figure is only second to the MLBB World Championship 2019 (which had 648 thousand viewers). This was to be expected, given that this is the game's titular competition we are talking about.

Another part of the world also saw the popularity of the mobile gaming, with one of the Liga Brasileira de Free Fire rounds gathering 316 thousand viewers. This is not even the final result given that not even half of the league has passed yet – but such a start gives us hope that the indicator will rise even higher when it'll come to the more important final matches.

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LoL European Championship has also shown good performance during 3rd week. The group stage match between Fnatic and G2 has gathered 475 thousand viewers, which is a record amount of the European championship's regular season. The fans from this region have always been known to closely follow the battles between the two aforementioned teams from Europe.

It should be mentioned that the first week of the competition has peaked during the battle between G2 and SK Gaming. While the latter tag is not as distinguished, it can be still proudly called one of the oldest tags in the League of Legends esports history.

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When it comes to the “Old World”, it has shown a particularly prominent CS:GO performance. A Saturday encounter between Natus Vincere and Astralis has gathered 390 thousand peak viewers. This is an amazing mark – one of the best so far when compared to the standalone parts of the discipline's other events. Along with this, it also sets a record of being the best mark across the entire BLAST tournament series.

However, there's an even more interesting figure found at the Russian-language broadcast, with the encounter of Na’Vi and Vitality having gathered 142 thousand peak viewers. This sets a record for the Russian-language broadcasts of all the tournaments for this discipline (excluding the Major series). It is quite peculiar that both the achievements were reached during the matches of “born to win.”

The Rainbow Six Siege World Championship has also pleasantly surprised us. A total of 158 thousand peak viewers were attracted by the Six Invitational 2020, which has happened during the G2 versus BDS match on the second day of the group stage. As of now this is the best result among all the titular competitions for this discipline (to compare, the peak mark of the group part of the 2019's event was 23% lower).

The representatives of the fighting games genre rarely appear in our news, but when they do, it is always for a good reason. This time the genre has shown its popularity at the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals 2019-20. The broadcast of the competition's final match between GO1 and Fenritti has attracted 115 thousand peak viewers. While such a figure is still inferior to that of the EVO 2018, it is otherwise still the largest one across the whole discipline – which is already something, considering the amount of stagnation observed in the past.

Even after mentioning all of this, it is far from everything that has happened this weekend. In order to always keep in touch with the fresh records, follow our pages on social networks: Twitter, VK and Facebook. In case you have any questions or suggestions, please share them on our Discord server.

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