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Esports weekend of Hi-Rez Studio

Esports weekend of Hi-Rez Studio

In November, the fans of Hi-Rez Studio's games were treated to two major events. The DreamHack Atlanta hosted the World Championships for Paladins and Smite. We decided to tell you about the behavior of the audience during these events.

The esports system of Hi-Rez Studio's games does not have something innovative to show and is simply a league with several phases and the final international championship. But there is one interesting and different point about it: at the end of the year, competitions among the console players are held. Previously, only products like FIFA (the audience of which mostly consists of console users) displayed this behavior.

First, let's talk about the Paladins World Championship. Since 2018, the competition has lost nearly half of its viewers. The peak viewers difference between the events has reached 42%. At the same time, the average viewers difference has reached 38%.

Yes, a positive situation can be observed compared to the previous World Cup. However, in the long run, we still observe a negative result. The organizers are trying to attract new viewers, but so far this has been extremely ineffective.

The SMITE World Championship deserves a negative response as well. Since the start of 2017 season, the competition has demonstrated a decline in the public interest for this game. While at the beginning it has gathered up to 100 thousand viewers, already in November this figure did not manage to exceed 27 thousand people.

As in the case of the Paladins World Championship, you can see positive results compared to the last championship. However, the losses are enormous should we consider the event within the bounds of entire series. We have a 75% peak viewers drop compared to the SMITE World Championship. The average viewers figure has decreased by 74%.

Hi-Rez Studio games are all rather strange when it comes to platforms. Previously, the studio was engaged in an exclusive contract with Mixer, and yet subsequently the championships received broadcasts on other services as well. However, the Microsoft's project still has more viewers. The only exception is the Paladins World Championship final, which was watched on Twitch more so than on all the other venues.

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As a result, it can be stated that both games of Hi-Rez Studio are experiencing great difficulties. In 2020, the developers will have to try quite hard in order not to lose the remnants of their esports audience.

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