Fall Guys esports success in August 2020

Fall Guys esports success in August 2020

Fall Guys became the third most popular Twitch category only 1 month after the release and the first competitive tournaments were held. Today we’ll talk about the first results of these events.

Fall Guys Tournament boosted by LevlUp became one of the first major tournaments of the discipline and it was held on August 24. The support of German streamer Trymacs was the main feature of the event. The prize pool concluded 10,000 euros.

The tournament was for the German audience, so 74K Peak Viewers were all German-speaking. The Trymacs’ stream became the most popular broadcast - 62K Peak Viewers. Tisi Schubech is right behind him, his YouTube broadcast collected 19K at the peak. Mehdi has won the tournament.

The next tournaments organizer is David "GrandPooBear" Hunt, a famous streamer, speedrunner, and creator of Kaizo levels for Super Mario.

More than 3K people applied for the participation in Fall Guys FallMania Invitational. The prize pool concluded $5,000, but it wasn’t divided between the streamers, the whole amount was given to the winner.

Boxbox became the most popular streamer - 9K watched his broadcast at the peak. David Hunt lacked only 51 viewers to overtake him.

Thedeezus also entered the top-3 - 4,8K Peak Viewers and he also became the champion of FallMania. This time the audience wasn’t only English-speaking, but the streams were only on Twitch.

The main streaming platform couldn’t ignore the success of the new game, so the first Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Showdown was held from August 28 to 29.

The event was on air for 5 hours and 565K Viewers watched it at the peak. This is the 4th event of Twitch Rivals series by viewers amount. The audience was English-speaking because the competition was held only for American streamers.

The most popular streamer, who overtook the official Twitch Rivals channel is xQc, 80K viewers watched his broadcast at the peak. The next top-3 streamers are Nickmercs and Timthetatman - 58K and 56K Peak Viewers accordingly.

The official Twitch Rivals channel is only on 4th place - 47K viewers. Team Castro_1021 became the winners of the tournament, and 26K watched for the broadcast of their leader.

Qazaq esports organization launched its new Alaman Stream project and hosted the Fall Guys competition. 8 popular Qazaq streamers fought for $2,300 and 2,2K viewers watched the broadcast at the peak. YouTube was the main streaming platform. Blogger Q.BRO had the most popular broadcast - 1,1K Peak Viewers.

Twitch has organized an even bigger event only after 1 week the previous competition, and it is Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays #2. The main difference is that streamers from European regions were invited to the event, so we've seen the diversity in terms of languages.

572K viewers watched Twitch Rivals Fridays at the peak, and the Hours Watched concluded 2M.

Spanish-speaking viewers made the biggest contribution to the Hours Watched - 40,7% because Spanish Ibai became the most popular streamer. 87K fans watched his broadcast at the peak. Thegrefg from Spain has got the second position - 84K Peak Viewers.

Russian-speaking viewers contributed 11,9% to Hours Watched number because of Buster, who participated in the tournament. Viacheslav was watched by 39K Peak Viewers and became the top-3 streamer of this event.

English-speaking fans contributed only 10,9% to Hours Watched, and Twitch Rivals became the most popular broadcast in this language - 27K viewers.

Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays #2 became the second most popular event by Peak Viewers in Twitch Rivals series and has set a record among the Fall Guys tournaments.

The developers have announced the second season of Fall Guys at Gamescom 2020. We’ve seen new "medieval" looks of the already existent maps and new costumes. We wish the new update will bring expanded private lobbies to improve the esports experience, as now participants have to split up into separate lobbies, rather than play all together.

Upcoming tournaments:

Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays #3 - September 18

If you have information about past or upcoming Fall Guys events, then you can use the "submit form" on the site.

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