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First Dota 2 Major of DPC 2019/20

First Dota 2 Major of DPC 2019/20

MDL Chengdu was the first major in the new Dota Pro Circuit season. We have summed up the results of the competition and will compare its success to the previous two DPC seasons.

This year, the start of the season was not entirely successful. Many teams got tired after a year of tournaments and decided to skip the first championship in favor of taking a vacation. Among them were such well-known teams as OG and ex-Liquid. The remaining teams have used the MDL Chengdu Major as the testing grounds for their new rosters.

Overall, the first tournament was skipped by large numbers of prominent Dota players. As a result of this, the peak viewers mark of the event was lower than expected, being equal to 353 thousand people. The average viewers mark was fixed at around 106 thousand.

The results of the first major were slightly worse compared to the last year. However, this was not the end of it, as the event was partially inferior even to the 2017 championship. The peak viewers mark of the Chinese tournament is 67% of the same result of The Kuala Lumpur Major and 133% of. The average number of viewers, in turn, has reached only 88% of the ESL One Hamburg 2017.

It can be noticed that the peak viewers marks of the previous two seasons were reached at the matches. However, at the MDL Chengdu Major for the first time ever there was not a single team from the CIS above the 12th-16th spots. Because of this, the viewers from this region have lost interest in the event as early as after the first round of the losers grid. As a result of this, the Russian-language broadcast has amounted to 34% of the hours watched. This is currently the lowest result of the Russian-language streams among all the majors of the discipline.

The tournament schedule added even more problems. Due to the fact that it took place in China, most of the matches took place deep into the night from the perspective of Europe and the CIS. To illustrate the problem, it should be added that for the inhabitants of this corner of the planet, the have happened during the morning or in the middle of the working day. The situation has changed only when it came to the last rounds of the grid.

The match still got its viewers. However, a number of troubles (like the list of participants) have stacked down into what can be described as a big minus factor. As a result, the championship could not improve its performance the way it happened at The Kuala Lumpur Major.

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