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Fortnite came to esports

Posted Apr 24, 2018

Fortnite is a modern gaming industry phenomenon. This game suddenly became the popular game in the world. The long-term League of Legends dominance on Twitch come to an end. The next and one of the most important step is esports.

The most popular Fortnite streamer  in the world is Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, hundreds of thousands of viewers watch his streams at the same time. He rarns millions of dollars in several months. Any event with Ninja is doomed to have a grand success. That is why owners of Esports Arena decided to organize a show tournament in Las Vegas — Ninja Vegas 2018.

The tournament appeared to be extremely successful despite the small prize pool ($50.000). It had 635.455 people at the peak and 445.859 viewers on average. Not every Major tournament can have such impressive results.

After the grandiose success of Ninja Vegas 2018 Chinese corporation Tencent made a loud announcement that they became an official publisher of Fortnite in China. It was possible to play Fortnite earlier in China, but according to statistics only 1% of Chinese players played Fortnite.

Tencent has a lot of money, including impressive advertising budgets. It will help Fortnite greatly to become popular in China. Nevertheless, this deal eliminated the competition in China in the Battle Royale genre as Tencent is also a PUBG publisher in China.

What is more interesting — Tencent told that they will also invest $15 million into Fortnite esports. It is not that much for big esports scene, but it is enough to understand the potential of the discipline in esports.

The Chinese online game market is the most profitable in the world. The most of PUBG profit come from the Middle Kingdom. The successful launch of Fortnite esports can stimulate the development of the discipline in the whole world.

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