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GrandMasters: How did the new system work?

GrandMasters: How did the new system work?

In 2019, the old and well-known esports system used by Hearthstone was replaced by the new format of the event. This year, instead of ranking tournaments, the developers held a long-term league with a couple of splits and between-seasonal competitions. We will tell you about how the updated scene has shown itself.

Before this, we've talked about two seasons of GrandMasters. The series' debut competition became the topic of this article. In this news, we talked about the second season of this league.

First of all, we should remind you about the results of the regular stages of GrandMasters. There was a positive difference between the first and second season. It was only in the American division that the second competition did receive fewer viewers.

The new system's final event was not quite as saturated compared to its predecessor. At the Hearthstone World Championship 2019, there were many more viewers. The tournament's new format has reached the mark of 58 thousand peak viewers, which is 78% less than at HWC 2019. The average viewers indicator was also much lower and amounted to only 37% of the last World Cup's result.

More interestingly, the GrandMasters finals has turned out to be less popular than one of the stops of Masters Tour. Seoul competition shows much better performance than its counterpart.

This year’s World Cup's winner, Liooon, became the main star of the event. The representative of the Chinese scene became a living statement towards all the opponents of female esports. We hope that this is only the beginning of her achievements.

Speaking of players, let us tell you about the most popular cyberathletes. Despite winning the cup, Lioon is in the ranking's second spot, although the gap from the third spot is only a couple of hundred viewers worth. The first of them was Bloodyface, whose matches have gathered 44 thousand average viewers. Bronze for this indicator went to Leaoh for a result of 40 thousand viewers.

As you can see, the new system of Hearthstone competitive scene has its own share of problems. It is not as popular as the Hearthstone World Championship. The reason for this may be the league format, since the identical change in the PUBG esports scene has produced a similar result.

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