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Hearthstone Scholomance Inn-vitational: Viewership statistics

Hearthstone Scholomance Inn-vitational: Viewership statistics

Hearthstone has been one of the top-20 Twitch games for a long timeю Even now it gathers a generous amount of viewers on its broadcasts. Today we'll talk about the recent Scholomance Inn-vitational and find out what's going on in the discipline.

Scholomance Inn-vitational was held on August 25 with the broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube. Twenty famous Hearthstone players participated in the tournament, and they've split into teams of 2 players. Each player had his own deck and class, and they were fighting for $100,000.

Blizzard Entertainment encouraged the fans and enabled Twitch Drops on the broadcast. Viewers could obtain 2 Scholomance Academy card packs for a certain amount of time spent at the broadcast.

67K viewers watched the tournament, 95% of which were on Twitch. The School of the Hunt with BasarCos and Nuj has won the contest.

Famous caster Frodan and ex-Hearthstone player Sottle commented on the English broadcast. Apart from the English stream, there were Russian, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish broadcasts. 

Also, each streamer was allowed to stream the gameplay on their channels. That's why we see such a situation with the audience.

Gameplaneesports were responsible for the Russian broadcast, and they've collected 1,2K Russian-speaking viewers on Twitch and 903 on YouTube. Turkish streamer and winner BasarCos has collected 1,2K viewers at the peak. Kripp was the most popular participant - 12K Peak Viewers on his stream of Hearthstone Inn-vitational.

Compared to other Inn-vitational tournaments,  Scholomance Inn-vitational has shown fair results.

The April tournament Outland Inn-vitational 2020 has got more viewers, but we should consider a self-isolation period at that time, and all the fans were sitting at home and watching the broadcasts. But if we compare other organizers' tournaments, the difference in stats is significant, so the discipline didn't lose its positions.

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