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How the move of LOUD has affected Twitch?

How the move of LOUD has affected Twitch?

During their first weeks on Twitch, the Brazilian organization LOUD had its streams watched by almost 2 million viewers. The team also helped the Free Fire category to reach 145% more of its previous two-week hours watched mark, as well as helped to improve the popularity of the Portuguese language. Let’s talk about the organization as well as the ways it benefited the platform.

What is LOUD?

LOUD is the most popular organization in Latin America, specializing in content creation and in competitive esports performances. Additionally, the organization expanded and introduced the League of Legends division in the fall of 2020. This became known once the team acquired a spot in the first CBLOL (Brazil's main league in LoL) season with franchises.

The team’s activities are centered around mobile games. Naturally, as of today, the main discipline would be Free Fire. Being the most played game in Brazil, the battle royale has brought to the team the majority of fans.

The number of team’s subscribers on social networks allows calling it one of the most popular esports organization in the world, with the YouTube channel alone having nearly 10 million subscribers. To compare, the world-renowned multigaming Team SoloMid has only 2.3 million subscribers. Among all the YouTube accounts of esports teams, LOUD is number one.

The Brazilian gaming community already started to use the “LOUD effect” expression, wherein each time the team is joined by a new player, the latter’s social media presence tends to explode, earning an incredible number of new subscribers in no time, and quickly making such players some of the most popular ones in their home regions.

The organization also stands out when it comes to its roster of streamers, among which girls can be found. This makes it possible to greatly diversify the content produced by the team: an approach, the potential western teams have just begun to realize.

Why is the Twitch deal interesting?

In the first weeks already, pretty much through the efforts of LOUD alone, the Free Fire category on Twitch received 127% more hours watched. Additionally, the team was able to generate 5.7 million hours watched, which is a bit more than 8% of the total hours watched of Portuguese-speaking channels for a two-week period starting from the moment of the organization's transition.

Actually, Twitch’s first attempt at connecting with mobile gaming and Brazil was contracting of a popular Brazilian cyberathlete Bruno “Nobru” Gus. With his support, the service held a Free Fire championship, one that we’ve already covered in this article.

Twitch’s next big step in Brazil was signing an exclusive broadcast contract with LOUD. Before that, the organization and its players only streamed on Nimo - which received an extremely large number of viewers from the Brazilians. It can be said that LOUD was Nimo’s main source of viewers.

The arrival of the Brazilians helps the “purple” in terms of mobile esports, as well as further cements the status of the Portuguese-speaking audience as one of the most popular audiences. It should be recalled that in the case of Twitch, the bulk of views comes from PC-based esports, with mobile disciplines being found only outside of the top 20.

This state of things was remedied by the coming of LOUD, helping Free Fire to rise much higher in the ranking of the most popular categories based on the hours watched.

The first results are quite pleasing

The first two weeks on Twitch allowed the team to receive 5 million 717 thousand hours watched. This is the platform’s sixth best result among the esports organizations, only outranked by FaZe, Cloud9, G2 Esports, NRG Esports, and TSM. The Brazilian team managed to gain a bit more than 48% of the hours watched indicator belonging to the owner of the 1st spot – NRG.

It is important to understand that the transition of LOUD to Twitch is still in progress, and so it will take a few months until we can determine the exact result. But for now, the indicator will only grow.

All in all, the broadcasts of LOUD streamers were watched by almost 2 million viewers, out of which approximately 400 thousand are new to Twitch. Indeed, such a figure is quite impressive, considering that we are dealing with the new user registrations rather than with the usual passer-by viewers.

Among the 14 streamers, LOUD Coringa reached the highest peak viewers mark of 57 thousand viewers. Meanwhile, LOUD BAK became the owner of the highest hours watched mark, acquiring 1 million 488 thousand hours in the span of seven days.

We’ve analyzed the audience attracted by streams of LOUD players in the first two weeks on Twitch and determined just who was spectated by the viewers from September 24 to October 7. This particular team has the most in common with the already mentioned Nobru, seeing how nearly 57% of the Brazilian team’s viewers also attend streams of Bruno. Meanwhile, 40% of the audience seems to overlap with another Brazilian streamer – JonVlogs.

It is rather interesting to see that the audience overlap with Gaules (the most popular Brazilian streamer) for the given period only reaches 14%. This is the fifth best result out of all the analyzed channels, as long as not taking into account the fact that 33% of the audience are newcomers to the platform.

Over the past two weeks, 56% of the audience spent at least 30 minutes on the broadcast belonging to the team's streamers. Only 1.8% of all the viewers spent more than 40 hours watching the LOUD streams. Meanwhile, almost 17% of the viewers visited the broadcast only for a few minutes.

We should realize that due to the team having 14 streamers at once, the majority of the broadcasts are running in parallel to one another. This forced the viewers to sometimes watch streams in chunks to keep up with all the channels. Because of this, only 27% of the audience spent at least 3 hours watching the broadcasts, and only 1.8% watched more than 40 hours of airtime.

What were the changes to the key categories?

The Garena Free Fire category was able to receive 6 million 117 thousand hours watched over the course of the first two weeks of LOUD on Twitch. Two weeks earlier, before the Brazilian players were contracted, the category received 2.488 million hours watched. Therefore, the arrival of Coringa and the company managed to increase the game’s indicator by an extra 46%.

In the contexts of two weeks before and after the transition of LOUD, the average viewers indicator has grown from 7 to 16 thousand viewers. In other words, Free Fire’s indicator has increased by 127% over this period, which is almost entirely thanks to the Brazilian team.

Thanks to the arrival of the new viewers, as well as to channels such as gAuLeS, Portuguese has gained a large enough foothold for further increasing its performance in the future. Nowadays it is consistently ranked among the platform’s most popular languages. With the arrival of LOUD to Twitch, Portuguese now has a chance to compete for the place of platform’s second most popular language.

Since the platform contracted the Brazilian team, the Portuguese language on Twitch had its hours watched increased by 6 million over the course of two weeks – which is up 10.9% of the total hours watched from two weeks earlier. Out of the additional hours received, as much as 85% were received thanks to the LOUD players who came to the platform.

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