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How was the performance of EPICENTER 2019?

Posted Dec 27, 2019

The performance of 2019's EPICENTER for CS:GO was far from being successful. The championship experienced difficulties and nearly became the worst for the entire series of tournaments. We will tell what happened in the article as we overview the event's results.

But first, a small digression. In a way, EPICENTER had no competitors in the local market. For a long time it was the only large enough tournament to annually bring the world's best CS:GO and Dota 2 teams to the capital of Russia.

However, this situation was more recently changed by the guys from Winstrike. The company acquired the rights to host the BLAST Pro Series and brought the series to Moscow. As a result of this, Russian viewers have received a much greater variety of events.

Based on the data collected, we can safely say that the 2019 championship has almost reached the rank of “the worst representative of the series.” The peak viewers mark of EPICENTER 2019 was equal to 170 thousand people. The average viewers mark has reached 64 thousand, and the hours watched indicator has amounted to 3 million.

In the case of the peak viewers result, there are all kinds of problems here. The tournament's performance has been inferior to each and every predecessor since its inception. Today it is an absolute anti-record for EPICENTER. More interestingly, the peak audience was not spotted at the final match. Instead, the quarterfinals between Natus Vincere and Evil Geniuses got the most interest.

If we compare the events by the average viewers, the situation is not that bad. This time, the indicator is not the worst, bypassing the result of the last year's championship. The difference in the average viewers between EPICENTER 2018 and the last championship is 38% in favor of the competition from 2019.

However, when it comes to comparing the results over one year, the Russian-language stream has shown positive performance in all respects. The peak viewers mark has increased by 3. At the same time, the average viewers mark grew by as much as 47.9%.

Quite expectedly, Na’Vi became the most popular team of the championship. The “born to win” were followed by 89 thousand people. The second on the list was mousesports with a total of 78 thousand viewers. Their result is a consequence of the latest performance of the “mice”: the team won three championships in a row. Closing the top 3 was Team Vitality with 68 thousand viewers.

The new representatives can be found in the middle of the list. The matches of the “bears” were followed by 58 thousand average viewers. This result still exceeds forZe with their 41 thousand, but on the other hand is inferior to their colleagues from Natus Vincere.

As it can be understood, the EPICENTER series has certainly experienced difficulties in 2019. The event has lost some of viewers, but at the same time gained new rivals even in the local market. If the organizers leave everything as it is, then next year their creation will show even worse performance and set new anti-records.

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