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How was the R6 Pro League Season 9?

Recently we have compared the results of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals with those of its counterpart from the previous season. Now we will cover the regular part of this championship. Today, we will talk about Europe, Asia, as well as North and South America.

We should probably start with the region closest to us – the European Union. As already mentioned in our previous article, this region has received a positive result of an almost perfect quality. The average number of broadcast viewers has increased by almost 4 thousand, while the increase of the respective peak number has amounted to 13 thousand viewers.

As for the reason the result was only “almost” perfect, that would be the Italian broadcast. Its peak figure has dropped by 5 viewers, even though the average figure has increased by 128 viewers still. No decrease in the audience was observed at broadcasts in other languages.

The North American championship is not lagging behind its European counterpart. On average, the broadcast has managed to gather 1 thousand extra viewers. Its peak mark has also increased, this time by 5835 viewers. While the results aren’t as outstanding as those of the Old World, they are positive, nevertheless.

In this case we can also observe a small problem that stands out against the otherwise decent background. For NA, the German stream has turned out to be the weakest link, with the average figure decreasing by 48 viewers and the peak figure decreasing by 28 viewers. This essentially means a drop by over 32% compared to the respective figures of 2018. In all the other cases, we can once again observe an increase.

We were pleasantly surprised by Latin America, which followed in the footsteps of Europe based on the number of the new fans received. Speaking more precisely, the increase has amounted to almost 12 thousand viewers for the average figure and more than 20 thousand for the peak figure – and based on the latter, this region has managed to surpass the others.

For some of the broadcast languages, the broadcast figures have shown no sign of decrease at all. Additionally, the competition has also received a Russian-language stream – which (despite not collecting a large number of viewers) still added some extra audience from CIS, where Rainbow Six Siege is not that popular to begin with.

Asia became the biggest disappointment of the season. Despite the large number of potential fans, the popularity statistics of the regional championship showed the peak figure decreasing by 2 thousand viewers. The average broadcast viewership figure has increased, but only by 429 viewers.

Looking at the situation more closely, we can see that only the English-language stream has shown a positive trend. Meanwhile, the Korean, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and German broadcasts have shown only negative results. This was facilitated by the extremely low popularity of the game within Asia.

In conclusion, we are pleased to announce that most of the regions show positive dynamics. In the future, the organizers would only need to try to keep these, while continuing to increase their audience. The increased prize funds, which are rumored to be announced very soon, will clearly help the game.

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