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Hyper Scape: The first week on Twitch

Hyper Scape: The first week on Twitch

French company Ubisoft was one of the most expensive gaming companies for a very long time, but they didn’t have a Battle Royale game on their project list. 

That’s why Ubisoft decided to change that and try to repeat the success of their competitors and lure the fans of this genre. 

Today we’ll tell you how their new Hyper Scape game has shown itself on Twitch and what were the impressions of the players.

Hyper Scape was announced on July 2nd and now it’s on the tech test stage. You can get access to the game by watching the broadcasts with Twitch Drops. The same story as with Valorant by Riot Games. 

Sadly, that players only from Europe and the USA can try the game, the testing isn’t available for the CIS region. The official launch of the game will be on July 12. 

First of all, the setting of Hyper Scape distinguishes the game from others. Neo Arcadia, futuristic city, which allows players to fight in open battlefields and closed spaces. You can explore the roofs of Arcadia alone or in the trio. 

The gunfire now occurs not only horizontally, but vertically. Thanks to special platforms and abilities, players can jump on the roofs, and shot their enemies in the air. 

In Hyper Scape the game style does not depend on the characters, but on the loot found on the map. Players have unique abilities called “Hacks”. They give an advantage in attack, defense, or movement and can also be found in special boxes.

Over time, sectors of the map are being destroyed to engage players in battle. There are only two ways to win the game: when one sector is left, the player must either eliminate all opponents or take and keep the Crown for 45 seconds.

Other key differences are the resurrection of allies, the Echo mode, and the system of upgrading abilities and weapons by merging them.

A special feature is an integration with Twitch and the special extension. Viewers can vote for specific modifiers, which will appear in battle (endless ammo, low gravity, etc.). 

How did the streaming community react to the new project by Ubisoft? 

On the first day, everyone was interested in the new project, so 466K viewers watched the Hyper Scape at the peak, and Hours Watched reached the mark of 7,5M.

On Day 2 the activity decreased by drastic 57%. The keys dropped faster than in the case of Valorant, so many players tried the game right away. 

On Day 3 the result was even less, Hours Watched decreased by 46% and Peak Viewers by 56% compared to the second day. The viewership dynamics was only negative and on Day 7 only 14K watched the game at the peak and Hours Watched concluded 202K. 

The most popular Hyper Scape streamer is xQc. He often tries various new games and this time he took the first place with the result of 75K Peak Viewers only for 9 hours of Air Time. 

The Fortnite fan Tfue couldn’t avoid the new representative of his favorite genre and he collected 588K Hours Watched and 58K viewers at the peak of his broadcast. 

Fans of the battle royale SypherPK, LIRIK, and Myth also tried the new game. Thor conducted the Hyper Scape marathon, and he was on air for 136 hours and collected 370K Hours Watched. 

The reason for this result is not only the fast key drop but, in general, the game has received mixed reviews from players. Besides bugs and wrong weapon balance, the players asked the most important question.

Is there a need for another battle royale, even considering the new setting, if there are already such titans of the industry as FortniteApex Legends, and Warzone? 

We can safely say that Hyper Scape needs one more killer feature to get in line with other battle royale games and to stay in the industry. 

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