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LCK: Over a million viewers at the finals

South Korea is known to be one of the strongest League of Legends regions, and any related matches are bound to be followed by a huge number of viewers. As for this spring, the regional championship has managed to update its record – and we will talk about this in our blog.

Similar to other competitions of this kind, League of Legends Champions Korea has faced certain difficulties because of the coronavirus. However, the largest problems were avoided thanks to the quick response of both the local authorities and the Riot Games. The organizers have shifted to the online matches, which is by now the default solution used worldwide.

But there was still an important difference from many other championships – the LCK Spring 2020 playoffs took place in the arena rather than online – and although the real audience was not allowed in, the organizers have managed to come up with an interesting replacement. Namely, instead of the living members of the audience, the arena has now featured the photos of many prominent personalities belonging to the local esports scene.

The results of this year's spring split are quite amazing, considering that the league has finally managed to reach the mark of one million viewers. During the final part of the split, the T1 vs Gen.G match has gathered 1 million 74 thousand peak viewers. Overall, the tournament has attracted 225 thousand average viewers, while the same indicator for the final match was equal to the 806 thousand average viewers.

Twitch has become the most popular platform so far. Meanwhile, the Korean streaming services such as AfreecaTV and Naver have reached 121 thousand and 96 thousand peak viewers, respectively – allowing them to secure the third and fourth spot in the services popularity ranking. YouTube has featured 402 thousand peak viewers, which is the second best result of this spring.

When comparing this to the past splits, we arrive to an interesting conclusion: this spring saw the new records being set for all the three key indicators at once. Additionally, this is the best result for a regional tournament in the history of League of Legends, with LEC Summer 2019 being the closest rival of the Korean championship.

There were several key reasons behind the LCK Spring 2020 record

First and foremost this result was influenced by the global COVID-19 pandemic – forcing many people into stay-at-home isolation. Combined with the traditional sports being pretty much canceled due to quarantine, this has brought new viewers into esports – creating a much stronger following.

The players from T1 were the another big factor contributing to the event's success. In case of T1, being called the greatest team of the contemporary League of Legends scene is entirely justified – as they became the world's strongest not once but thrice. In addition, the team's mid lane player, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, is a star of worldwide fame – causing many viewers to follow T1's matches primarily because of Sang-hyeok's presence.

The top 5 most popular matches of the split all feature T1 as well. The team has also set an important record of attracting 358 thousand average viewers on its matches. For now this is an absolute record among all the regional championships.

DragonX (previously performing under the Kingzone DragonX tag) have managed to attract many viewers as well. Namely, this spring the team has reached the mark of 270 thousand average viewers, which is second best result for this region.

Gen.G became the Korea's third most popular team. While their matches versus T1 have generated a fairly big hype, other matches of the team weren't quite as popular. Still, the three of five most popular matches of the split were featuring Gen.G and T1. The struggle between these two teams was pretty much the hottest topic of LCK Spring 2020.

We are still awaiting the end of the spring split of 2020, and expecting the finals of LPL (the China's central league and Korea's main rival) to be the most interesting. Its results will be definitely summarized and shared on our blog. In case you don't want to miss this news, be sure to subscribe to our social network pages.

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