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LEC – Summer's most popular league

In anticipation of the World Championship 2019, we decided to make a short summary of the results of regional competitions. Today we’ll talk about the most popular leagues of the summer split of League of Legends.

It is important to mention that the champions of the summer split were the first to receive the World Championship spots. Moreover, as a result of a combination of these particular circumstances, many final matches of the playoffs end up becoming the most popular moments of the championships. 

If we sum up the ranking of regions by peak viewers, we will get an interesting picture.

The top, in this case, goes to the LoL European Championship. The competition final (with participation of Fnatic and G2) gathered as many as 823 thousand people. Korea scored an approximately similar result. The final battle of the LCK summer split was watched by 766 thousand viewers.

It is worth noting that the result of Vietnam (VCS) is almost equal to the Brazilian league. For CBLoL, an indicator of 315 thousand viewers became a new record. Prior to this, the competition has managed to reach a maximum of 284 thousand people, which was obtained in the first split of the 2019 season. It is no secret that the teams of this region create an enormous competition on the world stage. Now we can see that the ordinary viewers were following suit, gathering in numbers which currently reach the level corresponding to the first leagues of the game.

At the same time, the league of reigning world champions (LPL) has pretty much lost to the half of the ranking, including a loss to the region of the former preliminary stage. This is quite expected, because the Chinese league is not that interesting for Western viewers to watch. And since we exclude Chinese platforms, the competition got the result equal to 133 thousand people.

It is worth mentioning another fact – as many have already noticed, this list does not contain LCL. The Continental League was officially broadcast on the Yandex.Live service. This platform does not provide open access to its figures, and therefore the results of the main event of the CIS and Ukraine did not get into the ranking.

The summary of the summer split shows us a solid result from the two main contenders for the Summit Cup: Europe and Korea. Both regions showed phenomenal levels of the peak viewers indicator, and we hope that such records will continue at Worlds.

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