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LEC vs LCS: Summer’s popular teams

Posted Sep 01, 2019

While the teams are fighting in the playoff series of the main Western leagues, we decided to compare their results in the regular stage. We will do this by comparing the results of the most popular participants of the summer split: LEC and LCS.

First, let's talk about the regions separately, starting with the European League.

Fnatic became its most popular participant. This team lacks only scoring the most popular matches during the first, second and fifth gaming weeks. Note that in the summer the league received as much as nine gaming weeks. As such, it turns out that the “orange” were in the top of popularity for more than half of the championship.

At the same time, Fnatic's main opponent – G2, got a maximum mark of the regular stage. It is equal to 300 thousand people and was obtained during the third week in the match against Fnatic. However, the “samurai” are still inferior to their rivals in the general popularity rating.

Our American friends also display an interesting state of affairs. The peak of popularity can be safely attributed to the players of Team SoloMid. They were not able to take part in the most popular matches only during two weeks: the fifth and eighth.

Just like in Europe; the main star of LCS has shared the peak moment of the regular season with its main rival. The peak was obtained during the 3rd week in a match versus Cloud9 and amounted to as many as 272 thousand viewers. However, when talking about overall achievements, Liquid has obtained a little less of these then their counterparts from LEC. Their matches became the most popular ones only during four weeks – unlike G2 and its peaks which kept happening during five weeks of the regular stage.

The two regions are also worthy of a comparison based on this highest result – which showed the domination of Europe back in the spring. In the summer, the situation did not switch around, with LEC being literally cemented to the top. The second split has shown a difference of 30 thousand people. The hype around the Europe's main competition may have died down, but its current level is still enough to get ahead of North America.

We will certainly tell you about the overall results of the leagues. If you do not want to miss them, be sure to subscribe to our pages on social networks: Twitter, Facebook and VK. Do not forget about the Esports Charts Discord server.

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