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LCK: Korea is at the "top" once again

Posted May 22, 2019

We continue to summarize the spring split of the 9th competitive season of League of Legends. Today's article will concentrate on the Korean regional championship. We will compare its achievements to the last year and find out just how the popularity of country's main league was influenced by the failures of the region's representatives.

Comparison of the general aspects shows us a significant increase in the audience – which happens both with and without accounting for China. In the former case, the average number of viewers was increased by a total of 1 million 304 thousand. At the same time, the peak figure has reached a new height of 18 million viewers.

If we make the data comparison without taking the Chinese fans into account, the situation will not actually change for the worse. This time, the average number of viewers will grow by 25 thousand, while the peak number of viewers watching the broadcast will grow by 231 thousand.

The updates have influenced the list of supported languages as well. In 2019, support of Spanish language was added, which helped to get an extra audience from the western hemisphere. All that's left is to add the Portuguese-language stream – so that the fans from Latin America could easily spectate the matches from this region, therefore helping to increase its popularity.

Speaking about the languages, we should note that only the German broadcast showed a result that was completely negative, showing a decrease in both the average and peak viewership figures. The former figure has dropped by 415 viewers, whereas the latter has suffered a decrease of 3 thousand viewers.

The English broadcast has shown itself from a neutral standpoint, its average viewership figure dropping by 12 thousand viewers, while its peak figure has increasing by 33 thousand viewers. Missing the Faker's return to Korea's throne would be a big loss for any LoL fan.

It is worth noting that the team of Lee Sang-hyeok once again participated in the championship's most popular match. Last year such an achievement was obtained within the semifinals match against KT Rolster. This time SKT has earned such status after defeating Griffin during the finals of LoL Champions Korea.

All of this confirms the fact that Korea's performance at the World Championship 2018 did not affect the region's popularity in a negative way. Moreover, the downfall of Korea's strongest has only helped the region to attract extra attention. Because of this, LCK updated its results in a way that allowed it to leave behind many of the foreign leagues.

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