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Madden Club Championship Qualification: The most popular AFC teams

Madden Club Championship Qualification: The most popular AFC teams

We continue to summarize the results of the Madden NFL 20 Championship Series Qualification and recently we have published the result for the teams representing the National Football Conference. Today we want to share the viewership popularity of the teams representing the other side of the NFL — American Football Conference.

The most popular AFC team of the qualification stage is Baltimore Ravens with 8784 peak viewers. Coming up next are Houston Texans with 7897 viewers and position 3 is held by New York Jets with 7314 people watching the game simultaneously at peak.

Surprisingly, current AFC champions New England Patriots are at the bottom this rating with only 5189 peak viewers.

You can get more details for each individual club championship on respective dedicated pages:

1. Baltimore Ravens Club Championship 2019
2. Houston Texans Club Championship 2019
3. New York Jets Club Championship 2019
4. Miami Dolphins Club Championship 2019
5. Kansas City Chiefs Club Championship 2019
6. Pittsburgh Steelers Club Championship 2019
7. Indianapolis Colts Club Championship 2019
8. New England Patriots Club Championship 2019

Stay tuned for Esports Charts to get viewership insight for the coming up Live Finals (December 17-20).

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