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Mixer: Who was affected by the shutdown?

Mixer: Who was affected by the shutdown?

The announcement of the Mixer's closure has become a major topic of discussion throughout the industry. Of course, such important news couldn't be ignored by us either – leading to our own analysis of the situation. In this article, we will tell you about the streamers of the platform, as well as how the whole Mixer story ended for them.

How many were affected?

It is important to understand that in back in June (before the announcement of the platform's closure), Mixer was thriving. From the beginning of the month and till June 22 Mixer saw the creation of more than 500 thousand unique channels.

Among these channels, only 18 streamers had more than one thousand average viewers. There were 382 channels with more than one hundred average viewers. Their total number does not even exceed half a thousand channels.

Overall, a little more than one thousand partners were engaged in broadcasting on the platform before its closure at least once a week. Their numbers reach only 0.43% out of the total number of streamers. Looks like all those people have received an offer to switch to Facebook.

It should be added that a significant part of them (three out of four on average) had from 10 to 100 viewers. Meanwhile, there were only nine people who had at least one thousand viewers.

Now, what happened after the shutdown announcement? Over the first week, the total number of active partners decreased to 908. After two weeks, there were only several hundred of them – which means the platform has retained only one-third of its partners over this period of time. However, many of these are merely “re-streaming” content from their new platform while actively inviting everyone to their new channel.

What kind of games were keeping Mixer alive?

The creation of Epic Games was marked by the highest monthly number of channels since autumn. The Music category (subsequently renamed into Radio) became the platform's second most popular category. Depending on the month, the game occupying the third spot on the platform would be either COD:MW, Escape from Tarkov or Paladins. By the way, the latter title provided special awards for the viewers for watching its broadcasts.

The top 5 most popular Mixer categories based on the hours watched usually consisted of Fortnite, CoD: MW, Radio, Paladins, and one more hyped game such as Valorant or Escape From Tarkov. Also, Smite was occasionally seen among the platform's top games. This was caused by the start of this discipline's esports season.

The category's popularity was influenced by Ninja and Shroud the most. The former helped Fortnite to reach the top, while such titles as Escape from Tarkov and CoD: Modern Warfare were propelled by Shroud. Meanwhile, the streams of Monstercat and ChildCat are largely responsible for the constant presence of the Music category in the top.

Which languages were the most popular?

When talking about separate groups, the English language would be the most popular one on Mixer. It can be said that the platform is mostly focused on the US. The partial confirmation of this can be seen in the list of most popular games, at the top of which we are seeing Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Overall, while other platforms show large influx of viewers for the Portuguese, Spanish and other languages, in the case of Mixer the English language shows a strong dominance over all the others. French, Spanish and Portuguese were consistent in occupying the second to fourth spots, mostly due to the popular local streamers.

It should be noted that in case of this platform, the Russian language is not even in the top 5. And more, it is often overtaken by either Japanese or German language. A situation like this would be rather uncommon on Twitch.

The channels of Ninja and Shroud are the most popular ones on Mixer

Judging by the number of subscribers, the channels of Ninja and Shroud were the most popular ones at the Microsoft's platform. By the way, the former one is out of the reach of all the other streamers, already gaining 3 million 190 thousand subscribers in his first month on the platform. But in case his channel had exact same number of subscribers on Twitch, that would yield him only the 20th spot.

Overall, the situation with Mixer's top 10 most followed channels is rather interesting. Closing the ranking is Monstercat, which has earned its indicator through attracting a rather abundant fanbase from other platforms.

At the same time, only half of these can be called “traditional streamers” (and by that, we mean lack of the usual abundance of round-the-clock streams and replays). Despite this, not all of them have managed to reach a large number of hours watched by the end of each month.

In our recent article, we've already noted that Mixer's policy regarding fighting the rest of its rivals is rather bad and ineffective. The two most popular Twitch streamers were simply hired by the platform and that's it; with no further competitive pursuits to be seen.

Yes, once this duo went to Microsoft, the number of viewers on the platform has grown. However, our month-by-month data shows that ever since the sudden spike due to the transition of the two aforementioned streamers, the average viewers' indicator was on a gradual decline.

As you can already imagine, the viewers have consumed most of the Mixer's content using the channels of Ninja and Shroud. Other noteworthy channels included XBOX, the round-the-clock Monstercat radio, as well as the official broadcasts of esports competitions for the games of the Hi-Rez studio.

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