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The most anticipated esports events of 2020

The most anticipated esports events of 2020

The esports schedule for 2020 is already filled to the brink with events. Therefore, we decided to highlight a number of tournaments which are worth following.

League of Legends World Championship 2020

It makes sense to start with the tournament that caused an uproar in 2019 – 2019 LoL World Championship with its incredible 4 million peak viewers mark. Everyone expects this result to be further improved on in 2020. Another point which makes this tournament worth the wait is the amazing level of rivalry between the Western and Eastern teams.

The anniversary World Cup will be held in China, with Shanghai Stadium being its final venue. This particular location can accommodate 55 thousand viewers, as compared to the 20 thousand of the Worlds 2019' venue (which was less than half as much).

As for the rest of locations and dates for the entire competition, these will be announced a little bit later. But looking back at the previous installments, it can be said for sure that we in for an incredible show!

The International

We shouldn't forget about the game's main rival: Dota 2. The titular competition for the Valve's MOBA is finally making its return to Europe. Since 2011, The International was known to limit its presence to America and China. But in 2020, the championship will take place in Sweden, known as the northern capital of esports. The world's most powerful player will fight at the Ericsson Globe arena that is capable of accommodating 16 thousand people.

The exact dates for the event to transpire are already known. As per tradition, the tournament will be held in the second half of August (18th-23rd). In this particular case, everyone is eager to see the new prize pool record being set. But will this competition be able to beat the mark of $34 million?

CS:GO Majors

Another game by Valve has also managed to stand out. The titular CS:GO competition will be held in South America for the first time. That's one interesting task for the ESL guys to deal with: bringing the World Cup to Brazil, which happens to be MiBR's place of origin. According to the tradition of the recent years, same location will be used to hold both the minors and the tournament itself – with the prize pool of the latter totals $1 million.

We already know that the tournament will start on May 11, while the final match will be held on May 24. The New Champions Stage will be held at an interesting enough venue: Jeunesse Arena in Rio, capable of accommodating 18 thousand people.

But there's another thing that's peculiar: ESL One Rio 2020 has a schedule that's clearly unsatisfactory for Europe and the CIS. With the key regions for the game potentially suffering from inactivity, the drop in the visibility indicators is to be expected – especially when compared to the results of StarLadder Major Berlin.

Additionally, the developers have overhauled the game's competitive system. The shooter has received its own Dota Pro Circuit counterpart, and now a number of ranked tournaments that award special points will be held between the majors. After these were held, the top 8 ranked teams will receive the legend status at the next World Championship.

Six Invitational 2020

And more good news for the fans of tactical shooters: The fourth Rainbow Six Siege World Championship - Six Invitational will be held in February (7th-16th), featuring a prize pool of $3 million.

The city of Montreal (or rather its multipurpose Place Bell arena) will serve as the event's venue, with a maximum capacity of 10 thousand people. Aside of hosting the discipline's main competition, Montreal also houses the studio that is developing Rainbow Six Siege itself. This marks a long-standing tradition that began with the Six Invitational 2017.

Overwatch League 2020 & Call of Duty League 2020

The Overwatch League is also worth everyone's attention. Before the start of the third season, some of the league's members have already conducted a small rebranding of sorts. Additionally, this particular competition was not that successful in 2019, with the yearly results having worsened compared to the previous ones. However, this situation should change with the announcement of the game's sequel.

Yet another representative of Activision in 2020 is the Call of Duty League. This year the championship has shifted to a franchise format, with each team submitting own application – forming a pool of teams from which only 12 ones were selected. Similar to the OWL, each organization shall represent its own city. The prize pool of the 2020 season will amount to $6 million.

PUBG Global Championship 2020

The PC-based battle royales have sort of ambivalent situation, as the PUBG esports system faces big problems. All the new leagues have shown extremely lackluster results, especially when compared to the previous years.

The year 2020 may well become the game's last, as its indicators continue to decrease. However, there's still a possibility of sparking extra interest – this time with championships instead of leagues. We will know the first results with the coming of PUBG Global Series: Berlin.

Apex Legends Global Series

At the same time, the industry's newcomer known as Apex Legends finally received a full-fledged esports system of its own. The game's developers have announced the Global Series format with a $3 million prize pool. The system's first major will be held in the USA during March 13th-15th at the esports arena located in the city of Arlington.

PUBG Mobile Club Open & Free Fire

The mobile version of PUBG radiates maybe even too much of a confidence. The registration for and the first competition of the 2020 esports season are already underway. The publisher continues with its idea of providing the game with global support, hosting separate qualifiers for each country in this battle for $5 million.

We shouldn't avoid mentioning yet another representative of mobile gaming scene: Free Fire, which is expected to have new impressive developments in 2020. So far it has already managed to shine during the Brazilian league – and given the further improvements on the publisher's esports support, new achievements can be expected.

The new league for the CIS-based players was already revealed. Additionally, the company has announced championships across Asia (in countries such as Indonesia or India). Each of these championships will play the prize pools and spots at the season's main event between its participants.

Rocket League Championship Series

Finally, let's talk about another potentially interesting event: the final of the Rocket League Championship Series Season 9. The game showed positive trends in 2019, and so the situation is likely to repeat itself in 2020 to an even greater degree, promising much success. At the moment of this article's writing, there were few announced details about this event.

Which events do you expect the most? Share your opinion on our official Discord server or on our social networks – Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte!

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