The most popular esports matches in 2020

The most popular esports matches in 2020

Which battles caught viewers' attention the most in 2020? In this article, we have selected the most significant moments of this year and brought out the best matches by peak mark to find out what was interesting for the spectators.

We excluded the battle royales from our calculations for more objective data and included the matches that took place only between two teams.

The first position in the rating goes to Worlds 2020 finals. The battle of Damwon Gaming and Suning gathered 3,8M Peak Viewers. But, the tournament didn't beat the record of Worlds 2019, it lacked only two percent to get a new achievement.

The popularity of Worlds 2020 was so high that if we included all of the matches from that event, they would fill the entire top-10.

Mobile gaming impressed us again. The sixth season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League in Indonesia collected 1,3M viewers at the finals between RRQ and Alter Ego. This mark is an absolute record for the discipline by metrics.

A final match between RRQ and EVOS.LGN from the previous season (MPL ID Season 5) also entered the ranking with 825K spectators. In comparison, mobile esports didn't event appeared in the top-10 of 2019.

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Arena of Valor, the most popular mobile discipline of 2019 by Hours Watched, also appeared on the list. This year AoV Premier League finals reached 670K Peak Viewers at the battle between Flash Wolves and Buriram United Esports

The league lacked 12% of viewers to overtake Arena of Valor World Cup 2019. In our future articles, we'll see which mobile discipline took the statistical lead this year.

IEM Katowice 2020, CS:GO offline event, stood out the most. It was held at the beginning of the year and collected one million viewers at the finals of G2 vs. NA'VI. The tournament became the most popular Non-major event, and we can rightly call "Born to win" the phenomenon of this competition.

The other positions in the rating went to League of Legends and its franchise leagues - LEC and LCK. An interesting situation occurred with the confrontation between T1 and Gen.G. These two teams met two times in the finals with a gap of six months between their matches.

The Viewers Peak of their meetings was almost the same. 

The regional finals determined the teams' fate - one of them went to the final stage. T1 have lost with a 0-3  score, and their Korean fan-base was shocked.

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