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Mythic: The results of the three stops

Posted Jul 06, 2019

We have already followed the results of MTG: Arena once - but we've decided to not stop at that article. Today we will talk about the results of the last three stops of the Mythic Championship.

The tournament itself follows a rather interesting format. The main competition of the discipline is being conducted in a span of a little more than a couple of days. On the other hand, the players receive not one, but several such events at once. This pretty much guarantees a thrilling competition and the constant rotation of the best players.

The various special features of the tournament rules deserve a special mention. After all, each event has its own rules. For example, the first two championships of the series were held using the physical version of the game – whereas the third event has switched to the computer version instead.

But what about the numbers we like to talk about so much? All in all, we can observe an interesting trend. The first stop of the championship has gathered an average of 24 thousand viewers. The second event of the series has displayed a remarkable decrease to 15 thousand viewers – whereas the very last tournament has updated the result with an average of 59 thousand viewers.

It can be understood that the last competition was met with extra acclaim thanks to using the computer version of MTG. This means that on the broadcast, the default fandom was joined by a video game one, namely by the CCG fans.

It may well be that one of the finalists, who was also the challenger, contributed to the success of the last event. Additionally, he got to the final match by literally stepping over the world's best players in a way most surprising.

This very trend is projected on the peak figures of the series. The first event has peaked at the mark of 55 thousand viewers, while the following event has gathered twice as less – 25 thousand viewers. However, these two were topped by the last tournament with its peak of 127 thousand viewers.

As a result, we may be entirely sure of one thing – the computer version of the genre's progenitor has a much larger audience, especially when compared to its physical counterpart. While this was evident in our past comparison as well, now this statement was confirmed even further.

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