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Overwatch League 2019 playoffs results

Posted Oct 05, 2019

The second season of the Overwatch League was unable to change the rules of the game. The competition continues to lose viewers, staying inferior to its predecessor in many respects. Today we'll talk more about this, all while comparing the recent playoffs with the event of 2018.

But first about the winners. The representatives of San Francisco Shock became the champions of the second season of Overwatch League. The title brought the team 1 million 100 thousand dollars. Silver and 600 thousand dollars went to Vancouver Titans. New York Excelsior players have earned bronze and 450 thousand.

What about the statistics? The peak viewers indicator of the final stage of Overwatch League has reached the mark of 318 thousand people. The average viewers stopped at a total of 110 thousand. The number of hours watched has reached a total of 5 million 844 thousand.

The second season is inferior to the previous year by almost all the indicators. The difference between the results of the peak viewers mark is 31 thousand people – in favor of 2018. In percentage terms, the decline reaches 9%.

The average viewers indicator shows a similar trend, with the current season already showing a 15 percent decline. In numerical terms, this is slightly more than 20 thousand viewers.

Hours watched is the only “positive” indicator out of three. Compared to last year, it increased by 2 million 115 thousand hours. For a more clear picture, we add that this is 56% more than in the first season. The difference in airtime is to blame.

It’s worth talking about the individual broadcasts – namely about the languages. Obviously, the English language translation was the biggest contributor to the overall standings. Its percentage of the total hours watched of the events of this stream has reached 81%.

Note that during the last year the same indicator has reached 92%. The additions to the list of the game's official broadcasts became the reason for this change. As an example, in 2019, the Russian- and Portuguese-speaking fans have received their respective streams.

Finally, let's mention the most popular teams. We will rank them in terms of the average viewers of their matches.

The first on the list was the Vancouver franchise – Vancouver Titans. The matches of this team were visited by an average of 155 thousand people. Silver rank went to the champion – San Francisco Shock. This team has gathered a little less – 138 thousand viewers. Closing the three is the New York Excelsior with its 126 thousand.

All in all, we can say that the second season of the league was controversial. Based on many of its results, it can be seen as inferior to the debut competition – but still has own advantages like the new broadcasts. As of today, we already know that in the third season the format of the event will receive changes and it is likely that this will become the league's turning point.

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