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Perspectives of mobile games in esports

Esports is extremely flexible, it allows people to compete with each other in a variety of ways, starting with a confrontation on the central line in Dota 2 and finishing with race simulators. That's why mobile games in esports now sound not so wild and strange, as it might seem at first.

Arena of Valor and Clash of Kings are kings of mobile game market right now. Millions of people play these games every day. In the same time AoV and CoC are different games with different target audience. Arena of Valor is MOBA and pretty similar to League of Legends, while Clash of Kings is city-building online strategy. At the same time both games, despite they are mobile, have a lot of hardcore players who spend dozens of hours every day.  

Developers of Clash of Clans and Arena of Valor have already organized tournaments based on their games. Leaders vs YouTubers, Clash of Clans tournament, was quite successful and popular among fans primarily because of the interesting format. Leaders of the most powerful clans fought with the popular Clash of Clans YouTubers.

Arena of Valor tournament was organized as part of Gamescom, so it was not independent. On the other hand, the stars Dota 2 from the Alliance team - Jonathan "Loda" Berg and Joakim "Akke" Akterhall - participated in the tournament, thus they made it quite popular among Swedish fans.

Experience shows that Clash of Clans and Arena of Valor tournaments are watched only by small amount of fans. But on the other hand, small esports events consolidate the community, giving motivation to individuals to play and develop further. Championships in mobile games will never reach the level of Worlds or International - but they do not need it. They have their own niche and their goals. In the same time we can observe absolutely different situation in China.

Arena of Valor is called King of Glory in the Middle Kingdom. Mobile analog of League of Legends is extremely popular in China, and tournaments based on this game are watched by millions of fans. Several days ago married couple named their daughter Honor of Kings. Situation around King of Glory is a phenomenon which is difficult to explain if you are not living in China. 

It is doubtful that the passion for mobile games will break out beyond the Celestial Empire. China is unique country, it is like a planet inside a planet, with it’s own rules and patterns. Chinese investors are interesting in only Chinese market, thus the discipline will develop and prosper. 

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