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PMCO SEA League: The results

The popularity of mobile gaming continues to grow. This is especially evident when looking at the Asian market. PUBG Mobile was also affected by the increase in fans' numbers. We’ll be talking about one of this game's tournaments.

We will compare the autumn split of the PUBG Mobile Club Open SEA League with the game's spring competition. In this article we will tell you just how the number of viewers of the main competition of the mobile battle royale in Southeast Asia has changed.

The autumn split has reached the mark of 235 thousand peak viewers. Compared to the previous split, the result of the competition has decreased by 35%. It is worth adding that the regular stage has turned out to be 36% more popular than the spring one.

The average viewers indicator has reached 87 thousand. The tournament has shown an increase of 16 thousand people. In percentage terms, this result is equal to 23%. At the same time, the regular stage has shown an increase of 37% after the split.

The competition's hours watched have increased as well. In the fall, this figure has amounted to 13 million 534 thousand hours. The increase, in this case, is equal to 26%.

It is worth adding that the difference in the airtime between these two splits is only 4 hours in favor of the autumn one. While affecting the final difference between the tournaments, it does not even constitute a single percent of the total airtime.

Indonesian fans come off as this region's main driving force. This language's broadcast has gathered 180 thousand peak viewers. Malaysians were the second most important audience. Thai is closing the three most popular languages.

As a result, we have the league's growth of up to 37%. Such numbers are particularly interesting given the results of the game's "big brother." Even when taking the PUBG SEA Championship 2019 into account, PMCO wins by a significant margin even without the results of the playoff stage.

The peak viewers difference between the competitions is 141% in favor of the mobile game. In the case of the average viewers, the respective increase has reached 102%.

As a result, we can safely say that the Eastern esports fans continue to be, first and foremost, the mobile game fans. This is clearly seen by comparing the results of the “traditional” esports with its mobile counterpart.

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