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PNC: PUBG strikes back

Posted Aug 22, 2019

The recent PUBG results are not very encouraging for the fans of the shooter. Regional leagues are far from collecting a sufficient number of views – but the Nations Cup 2019 has finally changed the rules of the game.

PUBG Nations Cup is a competition of national teams from all around the world. The best players of each country were gathered at a special arena in South Korea. Earlier, GLL came up with a similar idea, but their Nations Royale has not received this much hype.

As we have already mentioned, the last competition was able to show excellent results. To be more precise, the broadcast has gathered 203 thousand average viewers, as well as 470 thousand peak viewers.

For this particular discipline, such an occurrence has already become nothing short of unbelievable – although a couple of years ago it gathered millions of people at its tournaments.

We've compared the past Nations Cup with the GLL Grand Slam. It should be reminded that it is the last big major. Based on this, we can confidently say that Grand Slam is significantly inferior to the esports “Olympic Games”. The peak viewers difference is equal to 423 thousand people. At the same time, the team-based championship's leads by having 179 thousand extra average viewers.

One interesting fact that's definitely worth noting, would be that a significant part of the views was received on the Vietnamese broadcast. This stream features 185 thousand peak viewers, as well as 75 thousand average viewers. We've already seen a similar state of affairs, but that time it was in the mobile version of this battle royale. You can learn more about this from a special article.

For the sake of demonstrating the impact, it can be compared to the championship's English-language stream. It enjoys a little less attention from the audience. All in all, this channel was able to gather 43 thousand average viewers and 147 thousand peak viewers, both figures being inferior to those of Vietnam.

From all of this, a quite obvious idea can be derived. The fans of PUBG esports scene tend to favor short competitions – rather than the long-term leagues like PEL or NPL. The former bring much more drive, since the value of each individual round is much, much higher.

Additionally, apparently the very same viewers display an extra interest to the national teams. Although this is visible to a large enough extent only in case of Vietnamese fans, which have shown a similar reaction to the recent Arena of Valor tournament between different countries.

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